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Clean Like a Pro

Clean Like A Pro!

Learn from our expert contributors the exact methods, techniques and tools they use every day in their cleaning business.

Step-By-Step Cleaning Guides

How To Mop A FloorGet your floors cleaned the right way! Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer at MaidPro, goes into the science of cleaning, and what mistakes many homeowners and even professionals can make while mopping.

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best way to clean mirrorsGet home cleaning tips to the secret to streak free mirrors, glass, & windows! Learn 2 different techniques! See how Debra Braman, owner of Maid By Design & Jenny Ackley, owner of MaidPro of Smithfield make cleaning glass surfaces both efficient & effective!
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How To Disinfect Your House

Learn how to disinfect your household surfaces! Joanna Martin, owner of Winston Salem Cleaning Service, shows you some general disinfecting tips, then takes you room-by-room and shows you how it's done! Read More

Microfiber Scrubber Mop on stone tile floors

Learn how to clean stone floors safely, effectively, and efficiently. We'll show you the what are some of the do's and don'ts, as well as some simple maintenance tips. Read More

How To Clean Toilets Using MicrofiberWant a better way to get rid of stubborn toilet bowl stains? Regina Decorte, co- owner of Maid In JC  & Ann Farron, owner of Annie At Your Service LLC, show you what they do to make sure they leave their clients' with a clean & stainless toilet.
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How To Clean Tile FloorsGet your tile floors to look brand new! Take the proper steps to ensure your floors look better for longer. Ann Farron, owner of Annie At Your Service LLC, shows how she gets her clients' floors spotless.
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Best Ways To Clean Stovetops And MicrowavesSay goodbye to stuck on food & hardened grease on your kitchen stove tops. Joanna Martin, owner of Winston Salem Cleaning Service & Debra Braman, owner of Maid By Design, show you which products & techniques to use to loosen up &  remove debris from your stove tops.
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Best Way To Remove Pet HairRemove Pet Hair Furniture Homes

Impress your customer's with a home that look pet hair free! Learn from pet care expert & cleaning business owner Annie Farron, owner of Annie At Your Service, how she is able to successfully remove pet hair in a time saving fashion.
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Avoid the embarrassment of hearing from your customers that you forgot to clean something. Make sure you are taking care of and prioritizing hidden problem areas in your customer's homes! See how Joanna Martin, owner of Winston Salem Cleaning Service, does it here

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How To Clean Showers And Bath Tubs ResizedWant a better way to get rid of soap scum, mold, mildew, & hard water spots from your showers & bathtubs?. See how Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer at MaidPro & Debra Braman, owner of Maid By Design, get to the root of the problem, then choose the most effective, yet safest, course of action.
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5 Ways To Keep Your Tile's Grout Looking Brand New!

Microfiber Mop For Tile Grout

Don't let your grout become stained! Debra Braman, owner of Maid By Design, shows us 5 simple things we can do today that will help maintain our tiles grout.

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dusting for a professional house cleaning checklist

Never hear the words "You Missed A Spot" again! See what Cheryl Clayton, owner of Green & Clean, says are the top 15 things you need to remember to clean! Get a professional house cleaning checklist today.

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How To Clean A Microwave Like A ProMake cleaning a microwave easy! See how Joanna Martin, owner of Winston Salem Cleaning Service & Debra Braman, owner of Maid By Design soften up & remove stuck on food from their clients' microwave ovens.
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How To Find Great Employees For Your Cleaning BusinessGrow your cleaning business by recruiting the top talent! See how Regina DeCorte, co-owner of Maid In JC, is able to find and retain the best employees for her company.
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Prevent Cross Contamination When Cleaning BathroomsMinimize the spread of harmful germs, bacteria, and pathogens when cleaning your client's home! Cheryl Clayton, owner of Green & Clean, prides herself and her company on healthy cleaning results. See how she prevents cross contamination here!

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How To Clean Baseboards ProfessionallyWant amazing looking walls and floors? Then don't forget to clean your baseboards! See how Ann Farron, owner of Annie At Your Service, makes cleaning baseboards easy, fast, and effective.

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How To Clean Window Sills and Tracks In Your Home

Don't let those streak free windows be all for nothing! You can't have clean windows without cleaning the window sills. Learn how Ann Farron, owner of Annie At Your Service, cleans window sills for her customers.

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Thinking of starting a residential cleaning business? Here's what Joanna Martin wishes she knew before getting started. These are some awesome tips that will help you get started with your new business!

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You already know how great microfiber is! But instead of us telling you, we asked 2 professional cleaners how it has made a difference in the way the clean.

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Meet Our Expert Contributors

Melissa Homer MaidPro

Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer At Maid Pro

A residential cleaning subject matter expert with over 20 year of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. Melissa’s cleaning expertise has been featured in a number of print and digital publications, such as, the Washington Post, and Better Homes & Gardens.


Debra Braman, Owner of Maid by Design

Maid By Design is a well reviewed Tulsa based residential and office cleaning company. Debra is truly a cleaning expert and has been in the cleaning industry for decades. She and her team focus on efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.

Joanna Martin- Winton Salem Cleaning Service

Joanna Martin, Owner Of Winston Salem Cleaning Service

We have been serving the triad region of North Carolina for almost a decade.  It is our mission to to provide the best in residential & commercial cleaning so that you can focus on what is most important to you - our motto is: “Live your life..we’ll handle the mess”!

Regina DeCorte Co Owner Of Maid In JC

Regina DeCorte, Co-owner of Maid In JC

Regina DeCorte has been pushing a vacuum since the age of 5 ~ a Regina Floor Sweeper, to be exact.  She took this passion and together with Amelia Dias, founded Maid in JC in 2014. We've  been Jersey City, NJ’s premier maid service from day one.

Jenny Ackley MaidPro Of Smithfield

Jenny Ackley, Co- Owner of MaidPro Of Smithfield

Jenny has been in the cleaning industry for 11 years. With a passion for providing great service, using up-to-date products, & a focus on efficiency, she currently co- owns 3 MaidPro franchises: Smithfield, West Bay, & North Attleboro.

How To Clean Toilets Like Anne At Your Service

Ann Farron, Owner Of Annie At Your Service LLC

Ann Farron is a business professional with 30 plus years of experience working in health, education, chemicals, & industrial fields. Annie At Your Service, has a team of six professional cleaners and services Fairport, Ny and the surrounding Rochester, NY area.

Cheryl Clayton, Owner Of Green & Clean

Cheryl founded one of the nation's first exclusively eco-friendly maid services in 2003.  Cheryl's passion for green cleaning products and healthy lifestyles was featured in The Wall Street Journal Small Busines, Fox News, blog, and an episode of Eco-Sence for Living.

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