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If you are serious about cleaning, you need to be serious about using the best cleaning products. Below are four reasons you should start using microfiber instead if cotton or paper alternatives.

  1. It's a better cleaner. A single microfiber is much smaller than a cotton fiber. Since there are more fibers in a microfiber towel verses a cotton towel, there is more surface area for the dirt to cling to. Studies (See Here) have shown that the best microfibers can even remove a variety of bacteria and viruses from surfaces.
  2. It's a natural dust magnet. Microfiber carries a positive charge which attracts negatively charged dust particles like a magnet. Microfiber actually grips dust instead of pushing it around like cotton
  3. It's healthier.Microfiber cleans effectively with just plain water (here's how), allowing you to cut down of eliminate chemical cleaners and sprays used in your home.
  4. It can save you money. While the initial investment may be a bit higher, microfiber eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals and when cared for correctly, microfiber can maintain its effectiveness through hundreds of washings, much longer than cotton or paper.

If you still need convincing, we thought you might like to hear from some professional cleaners. We asked Debra Braman, owner of Maid By Design, and Ann Farron, owner of Annie At Your Service, to share how microfiber has changed the way they clean. Read about why they love microfiber below.

For more differences on Cotton and Microfiber see this article by Clean Link


Microfiber is a miracle cleaning product that is safe for the environment, non-toxic, reusable, and very effective both with and without cleaning solutions. Before I started using microfiber cloths I used a lot of paper towels. They were expensive and wasteful and they took up allot of space. Now I use microfiber to clean everything and I no longer purchase paper towels except for soaking up grease in my kitchen.


Microfiber is one of the best dust cleaning products because the cloth actually traps and removes the dust. It can be used dry, damp or wet. They are safe to use on any item you can imagine because they are soft and do not scratch surfaces. While dusting is most common with microfiber cloths, they are also great at cleaning because they not only trap dust, but also dirt, grime and food particles which can simply be rinsed away. They are also very absorbent and great for removing cleaning solution residue and drying to a streak free shine. Microfiber cloths are very versatile and can even be used dry to remove pet hair from furniture, to dust lamp shades and drapes, and wipe crumbs from upholstery.


Now you can purchase all types of microfiber products for different cleaning applications. I love Microfiber Wholesale’s Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths. These are wonderful for polishing and shining windows, mirrors, eye glasses, phone and tablet screens, and television and computer screens. No cleaning solutions required. Just wet the surface with water and wipe, goodbye Windex.


I also use a microfiber wet mop which makes mopping very fast and efficient. The microfiber really picks up the dirt and grime from the floor and rinses off quickly and easily so you can get the job done fast. Another part of the microfiber wet mop system is the microfiber duster that also attaches to the mop pole so you can dust high ceiling corners and cobwebs as well as ceiling fans.


These items make my cleaning more thorough than ever and that’s what clients are looking for. I’m definitely a fan of microfiber and I use it every day in my cleaning business. These products allow me to clean without paper towels, Windex, Stainless steel cleaner and Furniture polish. This means less paper towel waste and less cleaning chemicals used and sprayed.


I started using microfiber towels about 11 years ago. I bought some and did not like how they stuck to my hands; little did I know that was what they were supposed to do. Microfiber has amazing sticking and picking up power.


Even so, I was still not convinced so I did an experiment: I was cleaning out a window tract, you know, that area that gets really dirty when a window is closed all winter? I used a small brush to loosen the dirt, then vacuumed all the loose dirt out of the track. What was left was dirt in the cracks and cervices. I sprayed some cleaner on the dirty track, half of it I used a cotton towel (my favorite at the time) to get the dirt out, the other half I used a microfiber towel. Needless to say, the half I cleaned with the microfiber was spotless. I was convinced.


At this time, I used terry cloth covers on my mops, when I was through mopping my back was screaming. I took a chance on the microfiber flat mops, since the towels worked so well. From that day forward, my back did not hurt from mopping. Not only did the mop easily go across all floors, it cleaned well. Since that day we rarely get complaints about our floors being dirty, and I do not have to dunk my pads in dirty water.


Today we use microfiber for so many things, dust mopping, mopping, high dusting, and cleaning, and window washing. I don’t have to guess at what will clean well, I know. MICROFIBER!!


Not all microfiber products are high quality. Higher quality microfiber products will more effectively clean and dry a surface, as well as maintain their effectiveness through multiple washings. Though you won't be able to tell if a microfiber towel or mop pad is good just by looking at it, we do offer some guidelines.

  1. Make sure the microfiber is split. This is what makes it stick to your hands, like Debra had described above. When the microfiber is split it can hold onto dust and debris more effectively.
  2. Make sure the microfiber has a polyester to polyamide ratio of 80/20 or 70/30. This is the ideal microfiber blend offering a great combination of cleaning power and absorbency.
  3. (For Towels) Make Sure the GSM is at least 250. GSM determines how much microfiber is in each towel. A 250 GSM means that your towels will be effective for most cleaning tasks.

At Microfiber Wholesale, we have even had some of our products wash tested to see if they would maintain their effectiveness through hundreds of launderings. We also ensure you that our microfiber products are made high quality because of who we choose to partner with. If you want to learn more about our partners and how they are committed to quality just like us, go here.

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