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Show Your Floors Some Love

Show Your Floors Some Love

This Valentine’s Day, we at Microfiber Wholesale would like to inspire you to take some time to show your floors some love and attention!

Your floors spend their days getting ignored and walked all over, yet they’re the one holding everything up AND in charge making the strongest first impression on everyone that enters your space. If you want to give your floors the much needed pampering they’re due, here’s the top five ways to show your floors (and the people that walk on them) just how much you care.

1. Pamper your floors with luxurious bubble bath.

If you’re still mopping your floors with a germy, stinky old cotton string mop, it’s time to join the 21st century and pamper your floors with a premium Microfiber Wet Mop.

Inch per inch, microfiber pads pick up 10x more dirt than any old cotton or sponge mop, leaving your floors less streaky with less residue. Plus they’re designed to be easily cleaned in the washer and dryer for 300+ washes, so they never get smelly and dingy. Once you switch to a plush microfiber pad, just add a beautifully scented neutral pH floor cleaner like Mr. Clean Meadows and Rain and you're a few candles and rose petals away from a romantic floor bath.

2. Let your floors know they’re beautiful without all that makeup.

If you’ve been caking your floors with layers of Mop & Glo or Bona Floor Polish, it’s probably long overdue for a proper deep cleaning and polish stripping.

All floor polishes, if you read the fine print, will tell you they’re designed to be scrubbed off every few months before you put new polish down. If you’ve been slapping new polish on top of old, you have a dirt layer cake on your floor that’s making her look older than her age.

Let her natural beauty shine by scrubbing the floor with Quick Shine Deep Cleaner and a Microfiber Scrubbing Mop Pad. This product will remove layers of dirt, wax, and polish without damaging the wood, polyurethane, laminate, vinyl, or tile underneath.

3. Help your floor find their own inner shine.

Once your floors are deep cleaned, they might want a little boost to show off their inner glow, especially if they’re an older wood floor.

Touch of Oranges is a wood reconditioner that will give your floors that warm glow of their youth with no wax build up. If your floor is a stone or tile floor that could use a little boost after a deep clean, 511 Impregnator Sealer is designed to work both on the floor and the grout to seal out stains and lock in that deep cleaned look for months, even years depending on foot traffic.

If you’re sealing your floor, don’t forget to use disposable microfiber mop pads to apply the sealant, as sealant is notoriously hard to launder out of fabric.

4. Give your floor a deep pore facial.

Stop annoying your floor by sweeping with brooms.

Brooms are antiquated tools that should be retired to clearing leaves off front stoops and Halloween costumes, because all they do is press dirt into crevices or fling it into the air. Give your floor the deep cleaning it deserves by switching to sweeping by vacuuming your hard floors.

Vacuuming instead of sweeping will suck all the dust and debris from deep in the floor's pores, like a soothing facial. Don’t have a vacuum designed for hard floors or is your vacuum too noisy and heavy? Fear not, as the super soft Mojave Microfiber Dust Mops are a light, nimble, and silent way to pick up even the finest dust off your floors, no cord required.

5. Be sweet and wipe your feet.

The real reason your floors aren’t looking their best is you aren’t taking the time to clean off your shoes before you walk on them.

A quality welcome mat both outside and inside the door, along with some carpeted stair treads or carpet runners for your entry stairs or walkway can do wonders for your floors, keeping all that gritty outside dirt, salt, and debris from scratching them up in the first place.

A little sign can also go a long way to reminding guests to treat your floors with the TLC they deserve. If your guests’ shoes are often dirtier than a mat can fix, a basket by the door with washable house slippers can make both your floors and your guests feel pampered.  

At the end of the day, if you can’t do everything on this list to show your floors you care, remember the best gift you can give anyone on Valentine’s Day is your attention and appreciation, which is always free. Kick off your shoes and dance on your floors like no one is watching, throw out a blanket on the floor for a family picnic, or just walk through the room slowly and appreciate its glow.

Picking even one thing from the list to spoil your floors is great, but getting everything on the list will never replace your time and attention, which is true for every Valentine, even wood ones.

Treat floors to the clean they deserve.

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