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Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels For Cars

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Microfiber – A Healthy Alternative To Hazardous Household Chemical Cleaners

Household Chemical Cleaners Are Hazardous To Your Health

According to an article published by the Independent, scientists claim microfiber and water is a great way to clean your home without the use of harmful chemicals. But what many aren’t aware of are the effects everyday household chemical cleaners can have on your health.

Are My Household Chemical Cleaners Really That Bad?

Yes, unless you think smoking 20 cigarettes a day is good for your lungs. According to a study published in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, that’s just how bad chemical sprayers can be for your lungs, and that is just one type of cleaner! What’s even worse is that there are many unknown effects of how chemical cleaners can react with each other. Scary stuff right? Here’s what we do know.

  1. The average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals
  2. Chemical cleaners can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs
  3. Chemical cleaners have been linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity.

We are finding out there are more and more harmful effects related to long-term exposure to our household chemical cleaners. So why are we letting our homes become polluted with toxins? Is there an effective way to clean without hazardous chemical cleaners? The answer is yes, and in many cases all you need to use is microfiber and water!

Using Microfiber For Healthier Cleaning Solutions!

Here are 2 techniques for healthier cleaning alternatives, by utilizing the cleaning power of microfiber.

1. Microfiber And Water

Did you know that water is great at lifting many types of surface debris? It is called the universal solvent after all. Most people don’t realize that water is a great tool for cleaning, and when paired with a microfiber product, can take care of most of your household cleaning duties. And we all know that water is not detrimental to your health.

2. Microfiber And Chemical Cleaners

In some cases you may want to use more than just water.  Simply spray a bit of your chemical cleaner on a microfiber product and start wiping away! This still serves as a healthier way to clean because you’ll be putting the pollutants in the microfiber towel, rather than in the air or directly on your surfaces. It’s also a great way to ensure you are not overusing your chemical cleaning product.

What Makes Microfiber Such A Powerful Cleaner?

Microfiber Cotton Comparison

Our microfiber has a split end making it extremely effective at picking up dust and liquids.

Microfiber is Extremely Small

Microfiber is extremely small, about 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, giving it more fibers working together as a team to pick up dust, dirt, and debris. Just imagine approximately 200,000 fibers in a square inch cleaning your surface! It is  even small enough to remove bacteria and other germs from your floors and surfaces.

Microfiber Attracts Dust & Holds Contaminants Effectively

Microfiber acts as a dust magnet. Since its fibers are positively charged and dust is negatively charged, microfiber products are great at holding what they pick up. Our microfibers are split, meaning they have extra spaces on the head of each fiber. This creates extra grooves on each head to pick up surface contaminants.

Microfiber Is Absorbent & Porous

Because microfiber is lightweight it is extremely absorbent and porous. This gives it the ability to hold up to 7 times its own weight in liquid, while being able to dry fast. Thus it is the ideal tool for cleaning up multiple spills.

Microfiber Is Durable

Our microfiber products last through hundreds of washings, and come with complete care instructions to ensure their quality.

Don’t spend anymore money on products that are harmful to your health. Check out some of the best microfiber towels, mops, and dusters today!



3 Reasons Why Microfiber Makes The Best House Cleaning Products

Microfiber Towels Best House Cleaning Products For Homeowners And Professional Cleaners

Use Microfiber Towels to make your kitchen counters and appliances free of dirt and grime!

Your counters a sparkling, your floors are spotless, the clutter is gone, and you can finally breathe in that crisp fresh air. That’s the feeling of a freshly cleaned home, and there’s nothing like it! That’s why choosing the best house cleaning products is so important.

The dilemma? Getting there is another story. Cleaning is hard work. It’s tedious, and puts stress on your body from all the repetitive motions, crouching, kneeling, tip-toeing, etc. For all the great and rewarding benefits of cleaning, it sure seems like a chore that nobody would ever want to do.

Professional Cleaners Will Tell You- Microfiber Products Are The Best House Cleaning Products

Microfiber is loved by professional cleaners both residential and commercial. You probably already know it cleans great, but what if I told you it is more than just a great cleaner? There are many benefits of using microfiber products, but we’ll give you just 3 of the reasons why professional cleaners love them.

Microfiber Cleans Without The Use Of Chemicals

“Hazardous”, “Use With Caution”, “Warning”, read the labels on many of our daily chemical cleaners and you’ll notice these words in bold! Constant exposure to chemical cleaners can be bad for your health. So why pay for something that can hurt you, both physically and financially?

Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towels For Windows And Mirrors

Our easy-to-use Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack, gives you a clear and streak free surface in just two simple steps. Get one as low as $9.98.

With Microfiber products, you get clear and streak free windows and mirrors by just using water. How? Because of the large quantity of fibers, and their natural squeegee like ability to scrape up dirt and liquids. Take our Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack for example. They are much more effective than a typical spray-and-wipe method for 2 reasons.

  1. You don’t have to carry around large squeegees
  2. Squeegees don’t pick up dirt. They just lift it off the surface, that’s why many times there are left over lingering streaks. Microfiber lifts and stores the streak causing dirt within its fibers.

Microfiber Is Easy On Your Joints

What if I told you cleaning didn’t have to be that hard? Does your hand hurt after scrubbing, or your joints start to ache from kneeling or crouching? The worst part about cleaning is how tedious some of the tasks can be. Because of microfiber’s great ability to lift dirt and pick up dust, you’ll spend less time performing scrubbing and cleaning motions with your wrists and hands. Microfiber is also lightweight. This can make a huge difference for tasks, such as mopping, since the fibers glide rather than drag.

Compare our Microfiber Mop System to a conventional cotton wet mop, and it’s obvious to see why professional cleaners choose microfiber flat mops! How do microfiber flat mops, such as our Microfiber Mop System, make mopping smooth and easy?

Microfiber Mop System

Our best selling Microfiber Mop System. Starting at $29.98!

  1. Microfiber glides rather than drags, that’s because there are so many fibers working as a team to pick up dirt and dust.
  2. You no longer need to carry a mop bucket around when mopping. Just dampen the wet mop pad, and you’re good to go.
  3. Our Microfiber Mop System comes with a swivel, making it extremely maneuverable around your house!
  4. Our Microfiber Mop System is ergonomic, so you’ll always clean comfortably and easily.

What’s The Secret To Microfiber? Microfiber Products Just Clean Better!

Buf Pro Multi Surface Cleaning Cloth

Our 12″ x 12″ Buff™ Pro Multi Surface Cleaning Cloths, work great on any surface and any cleaning task! Starting as low $0.60 each.

The success of microfiber lies in its nature. Microfiber by nature acts as a dust magnet, since it is positively charged, and dust is negatively charged. The fibers are also extremely small, 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, and microfiber is even small enough to pick up many germs and bacteria! With that in mind, can you imagine how many fibers are working together when you clean your counters with a microfiber towel? And because microfiber is lightweight, it is able to quickly absorb liquids and take care of spills immediately. Check out some of the best microfiber cloths for household cleaning, like our Buff™ Pro Multi-Surface Cleaning Towels.  They’ll clean and dry anything from you car, to your kitchens, mirrors, glass, and bathrooms.

Don’t make the mistake of cleaning with cotton towels. What advantage could you possibly have? Use the best house cleaning products, and choose microfiber for whatever you need to clean. If you don’t, can you really call it cleaning?

Microfiber Auto Detailing Towels – Buff™ Detail

Turn Heads With A Flawless Car Shine With Buff™ Detail Microfiber Towels

Buff™ Detail Microfiber Auto Detailing Towels For Drying

Our 24″ x 36″ Buff™ Detail Microfiber Drying Towel

Are you treating your car the right way? It all depends on if you are using the right products. Our new Buff™ Detail microfiber auto detailing towels take the best care of your car! Car enthusiasts and auto detailers all have the same goal, a brand new car look that will have people looking. The key is choosing the right kind of towel! But with so many different kinds of microfiber towels out there, how do you know you’ve got just the right one to accomplish your specific task? With our new microfiber auto detailing towels, we have got the perfect solution to all your car care needs!

Buff™ Detail – The Answer To Your Car Detailing Issues

Auto detailers fear 4 things: scratches, streaks, water spots, and durability, which is why our Buff™ Detail microfiber towels take care of them all! Whether you are using them for buffing, polishing, waxing, or drying,  these microfiber auto detailing towels all promise to have

✔ High Quality Microfiber
✔ Unique Designs To Address Specific Detailing Needs
✔ Satin Piped Edges To Prevent Fraying And Linting
✔ Gentle On Your Vehicle’s Surface
✔ Lasts Through Hundreds Of Washes

Choosing The Right Towel

Buff™ Detail 550 Microfiber Auto Detailing Towels For All-Purpose Use

Auto detailing encompasses a lot of different tasks, so we made towels just for the sole purpose of addressing your specific needs. Check out our Buff™ Detail line below. We have towels for your specific detailing tasks, as well as ones for more general and all-purpose use, making these the best microfiber towels for auto detailing!

16” x 16” Buff™ Detail Microfiber Polishing Cloth

Made to add the finishing touches on your car’s surface. These towels feature one of the softest types of microfiber, a coral fleece microfiber, which separates itself as a polishing cloth.  The  16” x 16” Buff™ Detail Microfiber Polishing Cloth is great to use with all of your favorite polishing and spray products!

Buff™ Detail Microfiber Car Wash Mitt – Great For Polishing, Buffing, Waxing!

Microfiber Cloth Wash Mitt For Polishing

Polish, Wax, and Buff you car’s exterior with Buff™ Detail Microfiber Car Wash Mitt

Made for smaller and most precise auto detailing jobs. Our Buff™ Detail Microfiber Car Wash Mitt  has a unique cuff design for your hand, which allows you total freedom and control when detailing. This towel is made with synthetic lamb’s wool microfiber making it extremely gentle on your car’s paint.

We also have the Buff™ Detail Microfiber Car Wash Pad for those of you who prefer not to have the cuff design.

Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towel – For All-Purpose Use

Our Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towels are an all-purpose auto detailing towel. These work great for drying, waxing, polishing, cleaning, and buffing, and don’t allow streaks to form. They feature our dual weave design, having one side of plush terry microfiber that quickly absorbs surrounding liquid and dirt, and another side of medium terry microfiber for storing it. The Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towels come in 3 sizes 16″ x 16″, 16″ x 24″, and 24″ x 36″.

Buff™ Detail 550 Microfiber Towel -For All-Purpose Use

Buff™ Detail 550 Premium Microfiber Towel For Cars

Our Buff™ Detail 550 Microfiber Towels are premium all-purpose auto detailing towels. They’re similar to our Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towels, but just with more microfiber!

Use these on larger and tougher detailing jobs, where the extra microfiber is needed. Run your hand over the microfiber on this towel, and you can even feel its soft and grabby feel on your hand. This makes our towels extremely effective in removing contaminants and particulates from your car’s surface with ease and without damaging the surface!

The Buff™ Detail 550 Microfiber Towels come in 3 sizes 16″ x 16″, 16″ x 24″, and 24″ x 36″.

Buff™ Detail Microfiber Drying Towel

Buff Detail Microfiber Drying Towels

Dry your entire car with just one towel! These towels make drying fast and easy. Many towels saturate quickly and end up just pushing dirty water around instead of removing it, which results in streaks and water spots. Our unique hydrophilic loop design quickly sucks up liquid and moves it to the other side of the towel, so you won’t be pushing around dirty water. Our towels microfiber is extremely porous. All you have to do is wring them out, and they are immediately ready to start drying again!  We have these microfiber drying towels available in 2 sizes, a “16 x 24” and a 24″ x 36″.

Start taking care of your car the right way. Check out our new Buff™ Detail line, the best microfiber auto detailing towels! Get the car clean and shine you have always wanted! Order today.









Don’t Use Paper Towels! Use Disposable Microfiber Wipes

Cleaning With Paper Towels Or A Dirty Rag Isn’t Really Cleaning.

12" x 12" Disposable Microfiber Cloth Wipes Advantages

What are you currently using to clean up spills, oil, grease, and other messes that need to be attended to quickly? Paper towels don’t hold up well.  And other cleaning towels becoming dirty rags that spread messes & germs rather than clean them up. Our new 12” x 12” Microfiber Cloth Wipes are a disposable microfiber. They are cost effective like paper towels, but offer the absorption of a cotton towel, making them an ideal choice for a quick clean up!/

Why Disposable Microfiber Cloth Wipes Are The Perfect Solution

Disposable microfiber works great in industrial, automotive, mechanical or any high traffic work settings to get rid of unplanned spills, grease, oil, and other chemicals that are hard to lift. Everyone knows microfiber is amazing, put it in the form of a disposable wipe, and you no longer need to worry about damaging your towels in emergency cleaning situations or having to worry about throwing a dirty towel in the wash. Make no mistake though, you can wash and reuse them if you choose to, which extends their usefulness to a variety of other tasks.

We had you in mind when we were developing these. The 12” x 12” Microfiber Cloth Wipes are made for convenience. They come with 45-50 per box in our new practical box design, when you need one it’s like grabbing a tissue out of a box.  Great for unplanned messes and for those hard to reach places, they are extremely lightweight and fit right in your hand.

Don’t let unplanned messes linger, take care of them as soon as they happen for cleaner and safer work and home environments. Give our brand new 12” x 12” Microfiber Cloth Wipes a try. If you do, you’ll never go back to paper towels again!

How Microfiber Can Help In The Cold & Flu Season

Microfiber A Healthy Alternative To Fight Household Pathogens

Microfiber For Cold and Flu Season

Are you living in a clean and healthy home? Obviously, you can’t see the millions of microorganisms that lurk on your countertops or inside dust, dirt, and debris. Household chemical cleaners are toxic, and according to a study by the American Journal of Infection Control, disinfectant wipes can end up spreading bacteria!

What you probably didn’t know is that microfiber is capable of removing unseen microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs from your counter tops! Thus, microfiber a great way to cleanse your home this cold and flu season. It is also an environmentally friendly way of cleaning, doing all this with the use of just water.

Does Microfiber Really Work?

Microfiber Cotton Comparison

How can a cloth remove tiny organisms from my kitchen counter-tops?
Well, if you didn’t already know, microfiber is extremely small, so it actually picks up many microscopic materials, unlike many cotton towels. To give you some perspective on the size of microfiber, it’s approximately 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk. Those fibers are chemically split during manufacturing to change their shape giving them more surface area and allowing them to act like little shovels scooping up surface contaminants. Microfiber is also positively charged acting like a magnet to attract negatively charged dust, so it doesn’t just pick up materials, it is able to effectively store them.

Are You Really Cleaning? What you use to clean your home’s surfaces matters! If it doesn’t properly store and absorb materials, then you are just spreading the problem around your house. A good example of this is our home’s floors! Our floors collect a variety of dirt and debris, and are a high traffic area where small spills and food droppings go unnoticed, hence a breading ground for bacteria! Not to mention, we spread bacteria just by walking around our own homes. So having an important way of collecting and disposing of them is crucial to your home’s health, and that’s why microfiber products, such as our Microfiber Mop System, have become increasingly popular.

3 Ways Microfiber Cleanses Your Home

Buff™ Pro Antimicrobial Microfiber Towel with Fresche®

Disinfection is when you use a product that has been tested to kill the microscopic organisms on the label, including viruses and fungi.

In case you didn’t know there is a difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting (see details below), and microfiber can assist in all 3! Microfiber is a superior cleaner, able to remove extremely small dust, dirt, and debris, as well as microorganisms and allergens. It may not classify as a sanitizer, since sanitizers by definition must remove 99.99% of bacteria, but a study done at the UC Davis Medical Center are showing that Microfiber can remove up to 99% of bacteria! Safe to say, it’s still a great way to remove bacteria. Microfiber can also serve as an alternative way of disinfecting, which kills surrounding microorganisms, including viruses. Viruses are too small for microfiber to pick up. But viruses are usually attached to other substances, such as debris and other microorganisms, which microfiber can effectively pick up, remove, and dispose of, killing the virus in the wash. Regardless of whether you are looking for a cleaner, sanitizer, or disinfectant, microfiber is a great choice to rid the surfaces in your home of harmful microorganisms.

  1. Cleaning: Removes debris, dirt, or dust. Cleaning removes allergens and microorganisms.
  2. Sanitizing: Reduce bacteria on a surface by 99.9%. Sanitizers do not kill viruses or fungi.
  3. Disinfecting: Disinfection is when you use a product that has been tested to kill the microscopic organisms on the label, including viruses and fungi.

A Safer, Greener, and Healthier Choice: Chemical Free Cleaner

Microfiber A Chemical Free Cleaner

With microfiber products, you can effectively fight bacteria and other pathogens without any chemical cleaners. As mentioned above, disinfectants kill pathogens. But they come with a cost, many ,being chemical cleaners, are hazardous to humans. When you continually clean with chemical cleaners, you are continually being exposed to hazardous and synthetic chemicals. Thus, there are a variety of chemical cleaner related health problems. Ever gotten light-headed after bleaching your bathroom? Or gotten a headache from being exposed to too much chemical sprayers and aerosols? It’s also worth mentioning that these hazards are increased dramatically when you mix them together by using them in the same space.

Microfiber doesn’t kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microbes the way chemical cleaners do. Instead it physically removes them from your surfaces and stores them with its incredible amount of surface area, with the use of only water! To destroy the microbes, all you need to do is effectively wash or rinse them out of your microfiber.

Microfiber also offers a more environmentally friendly cleaning and sanitizing solution! It is machine washable, meaning it doesn’t end up polluting our oceans and landfills like disposable wipe alternatives. There is also no chemical run-off, and harmful chemicals do not get into the air, since it only uses water to clean.

If you are interested in an environmental friendly, healthy, and effective cleaning solution check out our 16”x16” Buff™ Pro Antimicrobial Microfiber Towel with Fresche®.

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Microfiber Wholesale Christmas Special

Treat yourself this holiday season & get a gift you’ll actually be using! At Microfiber Wholesale we know how to give a great gift. Whether it be our classic Mop System, our Buff™ Quick Cloths to clean your phones, tablets, and lenses, or a 6-pack of our 16″x16″ Buff™ Auto Detailing Towels! Make sure you are taking advantage of the holiday specials, and grab some free microfiber products while they last.

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Buff™ Detail Quick Cloth- 2 Pack
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Keep your glasses, lenses and screens clean with Buff™ Quick Cloth.

Buff™ Detail Quick Cloths

6 Pack: 16×16 Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towels
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✔ Save money without sacrificing shine!
Designed specifically for auto detailing –
amazingly soft, with dual pile heights for
a plush feel of a heavier cloth.

6 Pack of 16x16 Buff™ Detail 400 Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Mop System
Free With A $500 Purchase
✔ A Professional Microfiber Mop System you won’t find in stores. Everything you need to keep your floors spotless in half the time of traditional mops!

Microfiber Mop System

Introducing Buff™ Pro Antimicrobial Microfiber Towels with Fresche®

We’re proud to now offer our best selling Buff™ Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber towels with Buff™ Pro Antimicrobial Microfiber Towel with Fresche®Fresche®-Tex antimicrobial treatment!

Fresche®-Tex is derived from coconut oil that’s safe for people, pets, plants and the planet. Unlike other antimicrobial treatments, it contains no heavy metals, poison, toxic chemicals, carcinogens or endocrine disruptive compounds.

Fresche®-Tex is a non-leaching, non-depleting treatment with a mechanical mode of action that destroys bacteria & fungus. It prevents the growth of mold, mildew and odor keeping your microfiber fresher, longer. Because the compound bonds to the microfiber, it doesn’t wash away and continues to protect our towels at over 100 launderings.

How it works:

Fresche®-Tex is constructed of three key areas.

  • Silane Base: Acts as an achor and attaches itself to our microfiber.
  • Positively Charged Nitrogen Group: When microbes are in close proximity they’re drawn to the positive charge.
  • Long Molecular Chain: Acts a spear piercing microbes that come into contact with it.

How Fresche Antimicrobial Treatment Works

Our microfiber towels treated with Fresche®-Tex will stay clean and last longer than non-treated microfiber towels. Click here to order Antimicrobial Microfiber Towels.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors [Infographic]

Despite the increased use of concrete as a sub-floor in many houses today, hardwood flooring remains one of the favorites. It’s durable, solid, and aesthetically favorable. Its classic look and shiny finish leave any room looking warm and comfortable.

However, you need to keep in mind that every day, the hardwood floor in your home is exposed to different elements like liquid, heat, and dust, which may cause deterioration of quality. Hardwood floors require constant care. From daily sweeping to weekly mopping, from monthly polishing to yearly sanding, there are many things you can do to make sure your hardwood floor is preserved. Properly maintained hardwood floors last longer and require less refinishing compared to unkept ones.

Don’t worry, their not as complicated as it sounds! Here, we give you an easy-to-follow rundown on how to keep your hardwood floors spotless while maintaining its luster through the years.

Embed this infographic on your blog using the code below:

9 Home Experts Share Their Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors

One could never go wrong with hardwood flooring. It is timeless and classic, and adds warmth to any room. But with it also comes the taxing task of keeping the surface shiny and undamaged. With different elements it is exposed to everyday, how do you actually maintain well-polished hardwood flooring over the years? Well, you’re in for a treat as we’ve reached out to 9 home design, housekeeping, and cleaning experts and asked for their top 3 tips for cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors!

Clean Mama

  • Don’t wear shoes in the house.
  • Sweep or vacuum as needed or at least weekly.
  • Use a microfiber pad to wash your hardwood floors.

About the Expert

Clean Mama is a cleaning and homekeeping expert who loves helping her readers discover new and fun ways to do everyday tasks of keeping a tidy home. She is the author of the books Simply Clean, Touchstone (Simon & Schuster), March 2017, and The Organically Clean Home, Adams Media, 2014.  She is also a wife and mom to three, a business owner, and a former art teacher.

Clean and Scentsible

  • Leave your shoes at the door.
  • Do a little daily maintenance.
  • Watch out for the pets.

About the Expert

Jenn of Clean and Scentsible is a part-time pediatric physiotherapist, a wife, mom of two boys, and a homemaker. She enjoys decorating, crafting, and organizing. Her blog began in July 2010 as a way for her to showcase some of her favorite Norwex and Scentsy products, eventually it became an outlet for her to be creative and to inspire. She loves to make her house feel like a home and shares her tips and experience in her blog.

One Good Thing

  • Take your shoes off.
  • Get rid of dirt and grime with a vacuum or dust mop before you attempt to wash a wood floor.
  • For occasional deep cleaning (dirt, oil, and grime will build up over time), the best solution for cleaning wood floors is one cup vinegar mixed with one gallon of water.

About the Expert

One Good Thing creator Jillee is the author of One Good Life. Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, she was a TV News reporter in North Dakota and had spent 5 years producing Good Things Utah at KTVX-TV before she started blogging. Her blog projects include cleaning, cooking, baking, gardening, crafts, home decorating, organizing, and money-saving.

Better Decorating Bible

  • For a natural hardwood flooring cleaner, mix 1 part water, 1 part vinegar, 1 part rubbing alcohol, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing detergent and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Then using a mop, wipe up your floors for gleaming, super clean, and lovely smelling flooring.
  • Do not keep your floors wet for long, make sure to wipe them up and dry them as good as you can to avoid water damage. Do not wash them often – vacuuming or dusting is enough to keep them looking great.
  • Avoid installing hardwood floors just because they may be trendy in the bathroom or on the kitchen. Lots of traffic and water prone areas are a disaster for hardwood floors. Stick to wood-like tiles or laminate flooring.

About the Expert

An avid DIY-er, Suzy Cacic is the creator of Better Decorating Bible where she shares home tours, easy DIY projects, and tips on getting a look for less. She has her own iTunes fashion app, Flipshion, and is part of Pop Sugar Select Home team. Suzy’s work has been featured in multiple online and print publications such as The Today Show,, Abode Magazine, The Toronto Sun, among others. She also runs other blogs, Better Baking Bible and Better Housekeeper.

Masshole Mommy

  • Wash floor with Murphy’s Oil soap once a week
  • Don’t walk on them with shoes

About the Expert

Based in New England, Robin of Masshole Mommy is a work at home mom, stepmom, and wife. She actively volunteers at her children’s schools and sees to it that she introduces her kids to as many new experiences as possible. She enjoys travelling and photography. Masshole Mommy is where she shares great food finds, fun family activities, and home organization.

In My Own Style

  • Make sure to have door mats by every door that enters the house. This way anyone entering can wipe their shoes off which will lessen dirt, leaves and other outdoor debris from entering the house.
  • Use mop on a regular basis. These make cleaning the floor super easy and they add just the right amount of cleaner/water to the floor.  Other mops allow too much water to get on the floor which is not a good thing for the wood. Bonus:  Kids have fun using these mops so they won’t think it a chore if you ask them to help you clean the floor.
  • Place felt furniture glides on all furniture legs, especially kitchen and dining chairs that you use on a daily basis. Adding these will prevent wear marks from happening on the floor from repetitive use. They are inexpensive and easy to simply stick or nail on to each leg.  I like the felt-style glider pads the best, as I find the plastic-style tend to leave marks on the floor.

About the Expert

Diane started In My Own Style in 2009 in suburban Philadelphia. She graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology and has an extensive experience being a display designer and interior designer. She has published a book in the 1990s, Instant Decorating, and had demonstrated projects from it on TV. My Own Style features home décor ideas, craft projects, travels, and organizing. Diane commits to sharing budget-friendly tips and ideas that transform a house. She is a mother and a wife.

My Thirty Spot

  • Never use a lot of liquid or water to clean your hardwood floors, it can absorb the water and they can warp over time. If you are going to mop your floors, wring out your mop until it is just damp and you should be good to go.
  • A perfect cloth to clean your wood floors is a cloth diaper. It can be used dry or damp for the perfect fabric to clean and absorb dirt.
  • If it is possible, try not to wear shoes on your wood floors. Dirt can scratch your floors and grime can make them so dirty.

About the Expert

Erin Kennedy is the editor of My Thirty Spot, a lifestyle blog dedicated for women in their 30s. Here, she shares tips and stories on beauty, fashion, anti-aging, money, motherhood, relationships, health, diet, and recipes. She inspires women to always feel young, smart, and sexy through her stories.

Adorable Home

  • Vacuum using the bare floor setting and/or dust with a dry microfiber mop at least once a week! Do not use damp-mop or steam cleaner!
  • Wipe up spills immediately and use ice to harden unwanted substances like candle wax or chewing gum, and then remove them by gently scraping with a plastic scraper.
  • To keep your hardwood floor shiny and in top condition consider screening or refinishing it, but always consult with a professional first.

About the Expert

Founder and editor-in-chief of Adorable Home, Lynn started the blog in 2012 as a personal project. Today, Adorable Home has a whole team dedicated to bring inspiration with the finest and most popular interior designs, decor trends, and architectural achievements. The online digital interior design and architecture magazine features home tours, home decors, styling and advice.

The Road to Domestication

  • Dry mop daily to keep things easy.
  • Don’t be afraid to try out several cleaners until you find one you’re really comfy with.
  • Use small felt stickies on the legs of all furniture so scratches are prevented.

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Preserving a hardwood floor takes conscious effort but with the right tender loving care and the right equipment, it would become very easy. Make sure to get only the most suitable cleaning material that your floor deserves!