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Meet the Chenille High Duster

This video explains why and how our method of cleaning glass and stainless steel works.

How to assemble and use

This video shows you how to clean glass, such as mirrors, using our microfiber towels and the two-step method.

How to care for your microfiber

This video explains how to properly care for your microfiber so it lasts hundreds of washes.

Learn more about our Chenille High Duster, and other tips from cleaning pros.

The Best Microfiber Dusters on Earth

See our range of microfiber dusters below.

Microfiber Fluffy Duster 2 Pack


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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How To Videos

Watch how to efficiently and effectively use your microfiber.


Articles and tech tips on how to best use and care for your microfiber.


Learn the best microfiber cleaning techniques from practiced professionals.