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2 Simple Cleaning Tools For Hard To Reach, Tight, & Narrow Places In Your Home

2 Simple Cleaning Tools For Hard To Reach, Tight, & Narrow Places In Your Home

Sometimes the dirtiest areas in your house are the ones that are out of sight and easily neglected. Here are 2 cleaning tools for hard to reach places!

For Dusting Out Of Reach Spaces

The High Reach Microfiber Cleaning Kit  collects dust in hard to reach areas! Ceiling fans, under furniture, top shelves, etc. Handle extends approximately 6ft., comes with 3 microfiber dusters.

Great for dusting those cracks and crevices in your home, the microfiber dusters all have a flexible bendable design. As a cleaning tool for tight spaces, it's much easier to use than a vacuum attachment.

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For Narrow, Tight Spaces, Cracks & Crevices!

A mop frame that bends! Our Contour Frame & Handle Combo is awesome for cleaning edges, corners, and in-between objects and furniture. The small 9" frame and adjustable handle makes it the perfect size cleaning tool for narrow spaces (mop pads sold separately, get them here).

The microfiber mop pads reach deep into the cracks and crevices of your floors, picking up dirt and debris for a deep clean

Starting at $29.98 Each
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