Pass the White Sock Test

Microfiber Mops Help You Pass the White Sock Test

Many cleaning products out there promise clean, glistening floors… but when it comes down to it… can they actually pass the white sock test? Often your floors appear clean until you walk across them in clean white socks!. Microfiber mops pass the white sock test with flying colors.. and we’ll show you right now.

Our dust and wet dust mops are extremely effective and thoroughly clean with an ergonomic design. Microfiber mops work so well because each of the tiny, microscopic fibers reach into the depressions of the floor surface and lift away the contaminants.

To demonstrate just how clean these mops get your floors, we’re about to show you with the white sock test. We’ve put on a clean, damp white sock. If the floors aren’t completely clean, dirt and debris will collect all over the bottom of the sock. If they are clean, the socks will stay fresh and white.

Look at how amazingly clean these socks stay after using Microfiber dust mops! You won’t find a better product on the market to effectively and easily clean your floors. They maneuver easily to get under furniture or between appliances, so you can make sure every inch of your room is clean.

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