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Microfiber Mop Hardware - Handles and Frames

Microfiber Mop Hardware - Handles and Frames

What good is it to have the best microfiber mop pads if the hardware is bad? Everything about our mop frames is built to last! They are made with heavy-duty aluminum and high impact plastic, perfect to stand up to the continual use by cleaning professionals. As of September 2019 we remodeled all our microfiber mop frames to make them even better. Here's a couple things different you'll love about these:

  1. The Hook and Loop strips are not super glued on, they are attached to the frame. This may seem like a small difference, but when the strips are super glued on eventually they will start to peel off. So to fix that we had them recessed into the frame, thus they'll never come off.
  2. Swivel Lock Capability. Being able to lock the 360° swivel on the mop frame is ideal for cleaning walls, ceilings, and large open spaces.

We also offer a variety of microfiber mop handles to go with the frames. We have handles that telescope up to 6ft., are compatible with our dusters, and even have a stainless steel option.

Learn more about our microfiber mop handles and frames by watching our short videos below or check them out on our website.

Mop Handles

Mop Frames


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