Our Microfiber Mops vs Swiffer

MicrofiberWholesale.com’s Mopkit vs Swiffer

Why would anybody use a Swiffer when there’s a much better alternative? Why do people think using what essentially amounts to an expensive paper towel on a stick will get your floor clean?

They just don’t work very well. They’re tiny, they’re cheaply made, they don’t have much capacity to pick up dirt and, since they’re disposable, buying refills can get pretty expensive!

Our microfiber mops, on the other hand, are ergonomically designed for easy, effective, long-term use. They’re made from heavy duty aluminum so they won’t break when you have to use a little elbow grease. They actually grab onto and lift away dust, dirt, pet hair and other debris. They’re also reusable! Our mop pads will last hundreds of washings… so you can keep your floors clean for years at a fraction of the cost.

Our microfiber mops will keep your floors clean and wallets heavy. Take advantage of our well-designed wet mops that clean in a fraction of the time as those wasteful swiffers.

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