Microfiber mops vs Traditional Sweeping

Microfiber Mops vs Traditional Sweeping

Gone are the days of traditional sweeping. For a better method of cleaning your floors, invest in a Microfiber dust mop. Our dust mops clean way more effectively and efficiently than brooms… making your life that much easier.

Our dust mops are made of microfiber – a material that attracts negatively charged dust particles that normal brooms simply push around. The fringe yarn around the edges collects large debris while the cut yarn on the bottom of the mop collects dust . This tool is ideal for eliminating pet hair and dust that brooms just kick back up into the air.

You can adjust the handle of our dust mops so that it fits perfectly with your height. This eliminates the need to bend the back or extend arms to avoid any strain. Traditional brooms don’t have these adjusting options and can cause significant back pain.

It’s time to throw that old broom away and invest in a Microfiber dust mop.

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