Dust Mopping with Microfiber

Dust Mopping with Microfiber Dust

Dust mopping is a real quick and easy way to keep your floors clean between deeper cleans with wet mops. You can swipe up all the large dust and dirt particles – all the visible stuff really. But it’s not just important to keeping your house looking good. Leaving large particles around can actually scratch and wear at your flooring faster. So here are a few tips to keep clean with dust mopping with microfiber.

Place your mop pad on the floor. I’m using our Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop, which I think is our most versatile. Attach the handle. Adjust the handle to the correct height. You want it to come up right under your chin so you don’t have to bend over or over extend your arms. Trying to save as much physical work as we can.

Start in the far corner of the room and work your way back to the door. Work the mop in a figure eight motion. That keeps a leading edge moving forward so you are able to collect all the large debris.

Because these mops swivel and will lay down almost flat, it’s easy to get into tight places like under the couch.

When you’re finished you might have a little bit of the debris you just collected left on the floor. No problem, just use a damp microfiber cloth and pick it all up. Use that simple method to keep your floors clear of pet hair and dust between deeper cleans. Your floor will thank you. Not really, but it will look great. Check out our other videos about some of these specific products and other methods.

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