Cleaning Glass with Microfiber

The quickest way to clean glass, streak-free and fast

Truly, the best way to clean glass will always be a squeegee, but it’s not exactly practical for a cleaning company to carry around all that gear. So we have a couple microfiber products that are super simple to use and easy to carry around with you on jobs. I’m a firm believer that to get great results you need to clean the glass, then dry it.

First, use a damp all Purpose Microfiber Towel to clean the glass. You really only need use water for this. With this towel I’m picking up everything that made the glass dirty in the first place. When you use window cleaner and wipe away with a paper towel you smear what you’re trying to clean. With this method, you’re actually cleaning.

I’ll follow that up with a Microfiber Glass Towel. These are made specifically for drying glass so you’ll really get a nice streak free clean. No residue or lint left behind. Plus you don’t have to use any chemicals that you’d be inhaling all day as you clean.

This method may seem to take more time than the spray and wipe method, but the difference is negligible and you’re getting the glass so much cleaner and making your client so much happier!

Check out our Microfiber glass cleaning kit:

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