6 Spring Cleaning Tips From The Pros (2019)

Spring Cleaning Tips 2019

Spring Cleaning is all about giving your home a thorough, deep clean. Check out our 2019 Spring Cleaning tips from professional cleaners below to make your Spring Cleaning easy and effective.

Always Use A Top Down Cleaning Method

Spring Cleaning is the perfect time to thoroughly rid your home of pet hair, dust, and dander. When dusting and vacuuming, Annie Farron of Annie At Your Service recommends that you go from the top down. Doing it this way ensures any flyaway hairs and dust from above can be picked up at the bottom. You can start with your ceiling fans or windowsills and then move down to the furniture before cleaning the floors. Vacuuming floors and carpets in multiple directions will ensure you suck up all the pesky hairs. Make sure you plan-out what order you are going to clean in. The last thing you want is to have to clean something twice!

Top Down Dusting Method

Get Streak-Free Mirrors, Windows, & Glass Without Chemical Cleaners

Want a streak-free finish to your mirrors and windows? You’ll need to first remove the dirt on the surface with a damp microfiber towel. According to Debra Braman, owner of Maid by Design, the key is to “wring out as much moisture as possible.” If your surface is too wet, you’ll create smears from moving around debris. After you wipe the mirror or glass with the damp microfiber towel, go over the surface with a microfiber glass and window cloth until dry. You should be left with a clear, clean, streak-free surface, all without extra chemicals or cleaning products. If you want to use what Debra uses check out our Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack! You can even use our glass towels for polishing wine glasses and other kitchen silverware! If you need to dry a ton of dishes streak free, we recommend our super absorbent waffle weave dish towels.

Rinse & Wring Out Your Mop Pads More Often

Melissa Homer, Chief Cleaning Officer at Maid Pro, recommends rinsing and wringing out your mop pads at least 2-4 times per floor, as well as mopping small sections at a time. When your mop pads become saturated with dirty water they no longer can effectively absorb, thus you end up pushing dirty water around. It is also important to effectively wring out your pads, so they are damp not soaking wet. See Melissa’s best mopping practices.

Wet Mop Floor

Create A List Of Easy To Miss Spots

Spring cleaning is that time of year where you are more thorough and detailed in your house cleaning. This means cleaning spots around your home that you normally wouldn’t think about or are easy to miss, such as faucet aerators, bathroom vents, even house plants. Cheryl Clayton, owner of Green & Clean Maid Service, gives us a list of 15 things that professional cleaners can forget to clean. Try adding these 15 things to your own Spring Cleaning checklist.

Move Around Furniture To Find Hidden Dust

Put in the effort to move around your furniture to tackle the dirt and dust that may be hiding underneath. Things like lamp shades and electronic equipment act as a dust magnet. You can use a microfiber extension duster to get those hard to reach spots, like behind your TV and entertainment system.

Folding Microfiber Towels

Doing A Final Walk Through

Check your work by doing a final walk through. Joanna Martin of Winston Salem Cleaning Service says the key is to pretend like you are going through your normal routine in each room. This will help you spot things that your house guests might notice you forgot to clean! If you’ve already mopped your floors, try the white sock test. This will be a true indicator of how good of a job you did.

It’s important to get into every corner when Spring Cleaning, and with these six 2019 Spring Cleaning tips from our cleaning pros, you’re sure to have an easier time. Check out our other blog posts for more specific professional cleaning tips, or take a look at our collection of microfiber cleaning tools for all your Spring cleaning needs.

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