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15 Things Your House Cleaning Checklist Is Missing


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Complete professional house cleaning checklist

15 Things You're Missing From Your House Cleaning Checklist

What are the 4 words you hate to hear? "You Missed A Spot." We aren't talking about your toilets, microwaves, and stove top ovens. We are talking about those places that are easy to miss, but are extremely noticeable to homeowners their guests. The words "You Missed A Spot" can be damaging to a cleaning business' reputation, and just downright annoying to hear, if you clean your own home. So let's make a COMPLETE housekeeping checklist, to make sure you never have to hear those words again! We've asked Cheryl Clayton, owner of Green & Clean about what are the top things forgotten about when cleaning a home. Add these easy cleaning tasks for a professional house cleaning checklist today!

Completing Your House Cleaning Checklist

At Green & Clean we find there are two circumstances which most often cause to Green & Clean to hear the feedback of "you missed a spot." One is when a new employee is in the field alone for the first time since completing training, and the items were missed inexperience or nervousness.  The other situation is when the task was not in the scope of work purchased by the customer, but the customer was under the impression it was to be cleaned.

We've broken down the most commonly forgotten spots to clean by area & a quick cleaning tip on what you can do to clean them. Here are the TOP 15

Most Commonly Missed Spots In The Kitchen

  1. On top of the refrigerator- One of the most frequently forgotten spots. Use a microfiber telescoping duster to effectively reach and remove dust. 
  2. Inside the dishwasher- Clean inside the door all the way down to the tracks. Occasionally use AllFresh or baking soda bomb while running the dishwasher.
  3. Dish-rack- Wipe with an all-purpose microfiber cleaning towel.  If the drain mat has mildew try soaking in vinegar or a 10% bleach solution (but not both at once!).
  4. Garbage disposal- Try grinding a little ice and lemon rinds occasionally to prevent build up of stuck on food.
  5. Toaster Tray- If you enjoy toast for breakfast option, all those crumbs accumulate quickly.

Most Commonly Missed Spots In The Bathroom

  1. Toothbrush holders- If there’s one spot that can be a breeding ground for germs, it’s the toothbrush holder. Wipe with all-purpose microfiber towel or soak if needed.
  2. Behind the Toilet- Your toilet may look spick and span from a front-view, but dust and grime can hide inside the cavity around the back of our toilets.
  3. Shower curtain- Clean in the washing machine with two bath towels on the gentle setting and add 1/2 vinegar during the rinse cycle.
  4. Faucet aerators- Try wiping where the water comes out. If you see dark mold, you’re already past the time to remove the aerator and clean each part.
  5. Bathroom exhaust fan- This may be out of reach so try an extendable duster.

Most Commonly Missed Spots In The Bedroom & Living Rooms

  1. Lamp Shades- They may look clean, but it’s important to dust lampshades frequently with a mini microfiber duster, especially for fabric shades because dust will adheres to the fabric.
  2. Stair banisters-  This is a common touch point for dirty hands.  Wipe down frequently
  3. Chair rungs-  Most dining chairs have rungs, and this is a favorite place for dust to accumulate.
  4. Houseplants- Use water and a soft cloth or just spray with leaf shine. 
  5. Behind TV stands-  Electronic equipment is a magnet for dust.

How We Prevent Hearing “You Missed A Spot.”

Our cleaners receive through one-one training as well as classroom instruction.  When our cleaners are in the field, they have access to notes specific to the customer’s home plus a checklist of our basic maintenance routine to perform a quality check. 

To prevent misunderstanding between Green & Clean and the customer about the scope of work, we make sure the customer has a welcome email with the exact list of tasks to be performed and request that they contact us before the cleaning if the list doesn’t meet expectations and requirements.

We guarantee our work and are happy to return to clean any missed item, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (Ben Franklin). Training and excellent customer communication is the only way to prevent forgotten items.

Cheryl Clayton Owner Of Green & Clean

Cheryl Clayton
Owner of Green & Clean Maid Service Atlanta
Atlanta, GA


  • Communication is vital, so customers understand what is going to get cleaned.
  • Out of reach areas are commonly forgot about when cleaning, an extendable microfiber duster is a great way to remember to clean these areas.


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