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How to Start a Cleaning Business Microfiber Kit

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Start Your Cleaning Business on the Right Foot with the Right Supplies at the Right Price!

Starting a cleaning business is hard, buying microfiber shouldn’t be.

We’ve eliminated all the guesswork and asked Melissa Homer, our professional cleaning expert with over 20 years experience, to hand-pick the perfect selection of microfiber for your business.

  • Turnkey solution with everything microfiber you need to clean any property.

  • Quantities designed to fully supply one full time cleaner for more than one year.

  • Premium quality microfiber that cleans better and faster while lasting over 300+ washes

  • Deep discount package price to show our commitment to helping new cleaning businesses grow!


  • Maximizes Your Performance & Profits With Premium Microfiber

    • Microfiber Wholesale sells the highest quality microfiber in the market.

    • Using our products, your cleaners will clean faster with superior results.

    • Our microfiber is thicker & softer, picking up more dirt and leaving less streaks!

    • Our hardware is super durable, so your staff can clean full out without fear.

    • Better supplies increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover

Precision Quantities Make Managing Microfiber Easy as 1-2-3


  • This system includes three full days' worth of supplies for one cleaner.

  • Six Cleaning Sets' worth of supplies:

    • Cleaners finish two properties per day (6-7 hours total)

    • Two Properties x 3 Days = 6 Sets

  • Three Days worth of microfiber creates the perfect laundry rotation:

    • Day 1: Use It

    • Day 2: Wash It

    • Day 3: Pack It  

  • Like singing a kid’s round song, each days worth of sets starts the cycle a day after the last, so there’s always fresh sets!

  • Only need to run one load of laundry per day.

  • Pack for the next day right away without needing to wait for laundry to finish.

  • Get home to your family faster!

  • Detailed laundry instructions


Color-Coded Cloths Curb Cross Contamination

KITCHEN: Gray 16" Waffle Weave Towel

BATHROOM: Light Blue 16” Buff™ Towel

BEDROOM: Green 16” Buff™ Towel

LIVING AREAS: Orange 16” Buff™ Towel

POLISHING: Grey 16" Detail 400 GSM Towel

MIRRORS / GLASS: 16" Microfiber Glass Cloth

SCRUBBING BATHROOM / KITCHEN: Microfiber Scrubbing Sponge

HIGH DUSTING: Chenille Microfiber High Duster

HAND DUSTING: Microfiber Fluffy Duster

HIGH DUSTING & MOPPING: 72” Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole

MOPPING: 18" Heavy Duty Mop Frame

MOPPING PAD: Premium Wet Mop Pad


Why You Should Invest In the Best

  • Microfiber Wholesale is a third-generation, family-owned, American company that sells only the highest quality microfiber.

  • Our passion is providing high-touch customer service and innovative cleaning solutions to small cleaning companies. YOU are our focus, not an afterthought, like most Jan San Distributors.

  • We only use the highest grade microfiber, woven extra plush, so you pick up more dirt and leave less streaks with every stroke, helping your cleaners finish their jobs faster!

  • We selected the perfect specialty weaves:

    • Waffle weave picks up greasy, sticky messes in the kitchen,

    • Jersey knit weave glass towel leaves mirrors lint & streaks free

    • Plush Cut Pile Weave buffs wood and stainless steel to a shine

    • Terry Weave slides and glides, helping you clean faster.

  • The heavy-duty hardware, from the mop frame to the aluminum pole, is all made to stand up to being used seven hours a day, five days a week, 22 days a month.

  • Every piece is made with real stainless steel rivets and swivels, high tensile strength plastic, and extra-thick aluminum, ensuring the system will last for years.

  • All of the towels, pads, sponges, and dusters are sewn and edged with expert workmanship and extra tight stitchwork to maximize their wear-life.

  • All of these microfiber products can stand up to daily heavy scrubbing and commercial laundering and look as good in front of your customers on the 1st day as they do on the 300th.


Pack Everything You Need Per Clean

1 Residential Home (Up to 5 Hrs Cleaning)


4 Gray Kitchen Towels - 16" Waffle Weave

4 Light Blue Bathroom Towels - 16” Buff™

3 Orange Living Area Towels - 16” Buff™

3 Green Bedroom Towels - 16” Buff™

1 Grey Polishing Towel - 16" Detail 400 GSM

1 Glass Cleaning Cloth - Mirrors

2 Scrubbing Sponges - 1 Kitchen / 1 Bathrooms

1 Chenille Flexible Duster - High Dusting

1 Microfiber Fluffy Duster - Hand Dusting

1 Telescoping Pole 42”-72” - Mop & High Dust

1 Heavy Duty Mop Frame

4 Premium Microfiber Wet Mop Pads

1 Dirty Microfiber Laundry Bag 15"x20"

1 Commercial Location (Up to 8hrs Cleaning)

8 Gray Kitchen Towels - 16" Waffle Weave

8 Light Blue Bathroom Towels - 16” Buff™

6 Orange Living Area Towels - 16” Buff™

6 Green Bedroom Towels - 16” Buff™

2 Grey Polishing Towel - 16" Detail 400 GSM

2 Glass Cleaning Cloth - Mirrors

4 Scrubbing Sponges - 2 Kitchen / 2 Bathrooms

2 Chenille Flexible Duster - High Dusting

2 Microfiber Fluffy Duster- Hand Dusting

1 Telescoping Pole 42”-72” - Mop & High Dust

1 Heavy Duty Mop Frame

8 Premium Microfiber Wet Mop Pads

2 Dirty Microfiber Laundry Bag 15"x20"


  • Get Enrolled for FREE in Our Cleaning Business Education Series

    • Microfiber Wholesale has invested in hiring a full time professional cleaning expert, Melissa Homer.

    • Melissa has over 20+ years of experience in product testing, cleaning business coaching, cleaning training program writing, and more!

    • We provide access to her incredible, industry specific, educational content FREE for Microfiber Wholesale customers.  

    • Melissa is accessible in a variety of ways for Microfiber Wholesale Customers to get their questions answered quickly.  

      •, a direct line of communication where you can ask me directly your most troubling cleaning concerns

      • Hosting Go Live events on Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook, making it easy for you to hop on and ask your questions live as well as learn from other’s questions

  • If you prefer to learn from other cleaning industry experts besides Melissa, we’re running a recurring video series called: “Cleaning Up the Profits: Dishing the Dirt on What It Takes to Succeed in the Cleaning Industry." Melissa interviews successful cleaning business owners from across North America and sharing their hard earned wisdom with the world.


Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How To Videos

Watch how to efficiently and effectively use your microfiber.


Articles and tech tips on how to best use and care for your microfiber.


Learn the best microfiber cleaning techniques from practiced professionals.

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