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We understand that floors get filthy... fast. But riding a hardwood or tile floor of dust, dirt and debris doesn’t have to be a dreaded process. Microfiber mops make it easy to obtain those shiny, dust-free floors you dream of. To quickly and effectively clean an area, it’s important to use the Microfiber mops correctly. It’s a good idea to start with a dust mop to collect dust and larger debris. They’re ideal for picking up pet hair, dust, and dirt. To use, adjust the handle so that it’s right under your chin. You don’t want to have to bend over or extend your arms. Work your way backwards - Imagine you’re painting the floor, make sure you’re covering every inch! Start in the furthest corner of the room and work your way towards the door in a figure eight motion so that the leading edge moves forward and you are able to collect large debris. Next, you may want to use our wet mop to get a deeper clean. To use, simply wet the mop pad in the sink... you don’t even have to go out and buy cleaner, water works great in most cases! Wring them out so that they’re damp, not soaking. Place the mop on the floor, attach the handle and get going! Rinse and repeat as needed. Our mops maneuver easily so you can get under furniture or between appliances.

Best-Selling Microfiber Mop

  • Get any hard flooring surface streak-free!
  • Easy-to-Use. No mop bucket needed
  • Cleans great with just water!
  • Machine Washable Pads

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