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Why Microfiber Is the Best Tool for Cleaning

Why Microfiber Is the Best Tool for Cleaning

Microfiber’s popularity has caused its underlying technology to be taken for granted, with many incorrectly seeing it as a mere commodity to be bargain-hunted for.

In reality, microfiber exists on a huge performance spectrum, ranging from life-changing to downright abysmal.

Sadly, failing to grasp microfiber's true performance range has led many business owners to inadvertently set up their own cleaners for failure.

Here, we'll explain:

  • HOW microfiber can drastically change cleaning outcomes
  • WHY the quality of microfiber may determine if those changes will be good or catastrophic

Without further ado, let's do check out the three best microfiber products, then we'll jump into the reasons why microfiber is the best tool for cleaning.

Our Best Microfiber Cleaning Kits

#1 Best for Uneven Surfaces #2 Best for Home Deep Cleaning #3 Best for Professional Deep Cleaning
18" Chenille Microfiber Mucho Mop Kit Ultimate Microfiber Cleaning Kit How to Start a Cleaning Business Microfiber Kit
18" Chenille Microfiber Mucho Mop Kit Ultimate Microfiber Cleaning Kit How to Start a Cleaning Business Microfiber Kit

Best for:

  • Cleaning grout as the mop’s chenille fingers reach deeper into corners
  • Pebble and stone floors as the fluffy edges handle uneven floors with ease
  • Dusting baseboards and air vents as the mop tackles hard-to-reach dirt

Best for:

  • Glass and mirror cleaning
  • Wiping marble tops and stainless steel sinks in your kitchen
  • Drying hardwood and concrete floors

Best for:

  • Soaking up spills from upholstery and carpets
  • Aggressive scrubbing of tough stains
  • Moving easily between rooms as our Barrier Laundry Bag can be worn as a backpack

Reason #1: Superior Microfiber Cloth Technology

Professional cleaners use microfiber over six hours a day, yet most don’t really understand how it works. Even the business owners in charge of buying it rarely have more than a basic understanding, which hurts them and their staff.

The brilliance of microfiber lies in its architecture. Microfiber is a synthetic fabric made of ultra-fine polyester fibers (1000 microfibers = ten human hairs = one cotton fiber) that increase the surface area, lodging spots, and friction of the fabric.

The tiny fibers increase surface area and create ten times more spots for dirt to lodge in microfiber versus cotton. Premium microfiber shreds the sides of the tiny fibers (AKA split strands), creating more lodging spots and tons of electrically charged friction.

The charged friction makes it incredibly difficult for even fine particles to escape the fabric once they have been trapped. This is why premium microfiber can remove 99.5% of dirt and germs, versus only 67% with cotton.

These properties also trap soap residue and fine dust particles, resulting in a lint-free, streak-free shine on almost any hard surface.

Reason #2: Microfiber Quality = Cleaning Performance

Contrary to popular belief, not all microfibers are created equal.

Quality microfiber boasts high levels of fiber thinness, shred, and density, while bargain ones barely meet the minimum legal criteria to be called “microfiber.”

To be sold as microfiber, the fibers have to be 1 Decitex (dTx) or less, but good microfiber can be as thin as 0.5 dTx, which doubles the surface area for twice the dirt grabbing capacity per inch.

Legally, fibers don’t even have to be shredded, so the bargain microfiber can be completely missing the electrically charged friction that holds all the dirt and germs in place.

For example, Microfiber Wholesale manufactures some of the densest, thinnest-fiber, split-strand microfiber on the market, durably sewn for years of industrial use.
Our multi-surface towel sports over 320 GSM of split-strand microfiber, whereas most bargain towels only have 200 GSM or less.

That means with every wipe of our towel, you’ll pick up over 33% more dirt, germs, and streak-causing residue than anything else you’ve tried.

A study conducted way back in 2011 by the University of Washington revealed that microfiber fabrics with increased surface areas are able to absorb up to seven to eight times their weight in water. The same can not be said for the bargain traditional cloths that can only dream of being this efficient.

The perfect example of how this quality issue plays out is mopping.
Cheap, clunky-fibered mops fill up quickly and smear the remaining dirt, leaving streaky floors. Cleaners using bargain mops incorrectly blame their floor soaps when actually their mop left the dirt behind.

How about cotton and sponge versus microfiber? Are they more or less efficient?

In the table below, we compare the cleaning efficiency of microfiber against two traditional options: cotton towels and sponge.

Material Composition Efficiency
Microfiber Made of synthetic fibers (polyester and polyamide) which are ultra-thin, split-strands that are densely woven for optimal cleaning performance Highly efficient at capturing and holding dirt, dust, and liquid. Far superior to cotton towels and sponge due to its absorption capacity
Cotton Towels Made of natural cotton fibers, usually woven, waffle or knit Less efficient compared to microfiber. Cotton towels are better suited for drying and polishing but not as effective for capturing dirt and dust due to thicker fibers
Sponges Typically made of cellulose or foam materials that break down after multiple wash cycles Less efficient for capturing and holding dirt. Sponges are more suitable for scrubbing

Also, so many cleaning companies waste time and money on new soaps with no improvement, never realizing the source of the problem is not the soap.

For this reason, I always recommend optimizing microfiber and better cleaning techniques before even considering switching up your soaps.

"After much research, I purchased this mop system. When it arrived it was higher quality than expected, heavy duty and a snap to assemble. It is adjustable for your height/comfort, has an awesome Velcro system to attach the microfiber pads and I can not believe how well it cleans my ceramic tile and hardwood floors. It glides so easily which makes my aching joints happy but picks up more dirt than any other I have tried. I could not be happier with this product and highly recommend it." - T.Trueblood, Verified Buyer

Reason #3: Maintain Staff Morale and Happy Customers

Every cleaning business owner knows that the backbone of their business isn't their soap – it's their people. Cleaners are frontline soldiers battling dirt and restoring beauty. When they’re equipped with subpar tools, the war against grime becomes insurmountable.

The result?

Well, for one your employees end up with low morale.

The quality of their tools means they have to work longer and harder to complete tasks, and their cleaning results are still less than average. They'll feel undervalued and helpless and will be less enthusiastic to get to work.

Secondly, your clients complain that you've lost your touch.

They can't get over the ugly streaks and lint that are left on windows, and the floors aren't as clean as they used to be. They're considering ending your contract and leaving a very strongly worded review on your website.

What a nightmare.

Enter high-quality microfiber, the ultimate game changer. With top-notch microfiber, cleaners work so much faster, ending the relentless scrubbing, retouching, and stress common with the bargain stuff.

Finishing tasks faster and easier gives cleaners the emotional energy and time to check that their job is done right. This attention to detail inevitably leads to more satisfied customers and fewer complaints.

Most importantly, when microfiber makes cleaning less stressful, employee job satisfaction rises. When cleaners are no longer rushing, receive accolades instead of complaints, and go home less exhausted, it allows them to love their job again.

While it can't solve every issue, premium microfiber can substantially elevate a cleaner's daily work experience.

And the result? Better client satisfaction

"This is the perfect kit to kick start a cleaning business, everything I needed to feel comfortable doing deep cleans and routine maintenance cleans. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about getting serious about their cleaning business." - Eric, Austin, United States

Reason #4: Cost-Effective Cleaning Material

While you care about your employees, every decision in your business is really governed by its return on investment (ROI).

Rather than leave you with the false impression that upgrading your microfiber is just a feel-good decision, here’s a list of all the ways premium microfiber saves and makes you money:

Supply Costs

Quality microfiber products outlast their cheaper counterparts. Lab testing shows Microfiber Wholesale’s products retain 90% of their performance even after 300 washes, drastically reducing replacement costs.

Customer Retention

Satisfied customers dramatically increase your marketing ROI and profitability by ensuring they:

  • Stay longer
  • Write positive reviews
  • Bring in referrals

Employee Retention

Employees who feel valued and set up for success stay longer, reducing recruitment and training expenses.

Marketing Expenses

Happy cleaners and customers that stay reduce replacement marketing expenses, so your marketing budget stays focused on growth. Better service inspires better customer reviews, which amplifies the impact of every marketing dollar spent.

Office Staff Labor

Satisfied customers and staff demand less administrative work, allowing your office staff to spend more time on growth initiatives.

At the end of the day, it's simple math: Cleaners + Better Microfiber = Better Cleaning = Happy Customers = Happy Employees = More $$$

"We recently completed building a new home in which we installed LVP floors. I extensively searched online for products to use when cleaning the floor of dirt and dust left from construction. The Ultimate Microfiber Cleaning Kit was my answer. We are very impressed with the results of our cleaning efforts using the Ultimate Microfiber Cleaning Kit. Without a doubt, we are very satisfied with our purchase." - James, Verified Buyer

Why Trust Microfiber for Your Cleaning Business?

With microfiber, as with most things, you truly get what you pay for. Investing in premium microfiber is investing in the success of your cleaning business.

Microfiber Wholesale is a third-generation, family-owned American company that has been standing behind its products for over 75 years.

When you make us a strategic vendor partner, you not only get amazing microfiber but also top-notch customer service and access to expert advice to take your business to new heights.

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