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Professional Microfiber Mop System
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$39.98 each
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$36.98 each
Item Number: PMMS
The 20" Premium Microfiber Mop System is Currently Out of Stock. The 26" Premium Microfiber Mop System is still available.
  • Professional quality, great for cleaning the home or office. Get your hardwood, laminate, tile, stone and concrete floors clean in a faction of the time with less effort!
  • Included: (2) Premium Microfiber Wet Mop Pad, (1) Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop, (1) 6' Stainless Steel Threaded Handle, (1) Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Frame
  • Our microfiber mops clean more thoroughly and more effectively than traditional mops. They're machine washable, much more economical than disposable products. Detailed use and care instructions included.
  • Use the Microfiber Dust Mop to collect larger debris like pet hair, dirt and dust. Use the Wet Mop Pads for a deeper clean. Machine washable, much more economical than disposable products. Detailed use and care instructions included.
  • Start making your life easier, order yours today!

Product Details

Microfiber Wholesale's Professional Microfiber Mop will enable you to thoroughly clean the floors in your home or office quick, easy and chemical free! This incredibly durable, machine washable mop will get your floors cleaner than they've ever been.

Construction: The mop handle is made from heavy stainless steel with an acme thread tip. It extends from 42" to 70", which means you can set it to match your height and stop using handles that are too short and force you to bend over to clean properly. The frame is heavy duty aluminum and allows the mop to swivel 360° as well as lay down almost completely flat while keeping the mop in contact with the floor (great for cleaning under the couch!). The Premium Wet Mop Pads are our highest quality wet pad and feature plush loops of microfiber yarn that wraps all the way around to the back of the mop pad allowing you to clean all the way to the base boards. They're also made with a thick foam core that allows the pad to absorb more liquid which means you can cover more area with each pad. Dust Mop Pad features microfiber fringe yarn that's great at attracting and holding onto larger debris like pet hair and food crumbs while the microfiber in the interior of the mop will collect finer dust particles. 

Method: The Premium Wet Mop Pads are designed to be used damp, they work great with just plain water... no chemicals are needed to clean effectively. Of course, they'll also work with your favorite floor cleaner. The dust mop pad is designed to be used dry. Use this mop as a hardwood and tile floor cleaner. More detailed use and care instructions are included in the packaging.

Get your floors cleaner, quicker... ORDER NOW!

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Replacement Microfiber Dust Mops

See how professional cleaners are using our professional microfiber mop! 
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Product Reviews

Reviewed by
Cathy Bestler bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
10/29/2017 - 01:30:46 PM
Long story short, I had foot surgery shortly after moving. Using cleaning methods from the house took hours and hours in the new place and caused intense foot pain that lasted for days. I discovered Microfiber Wholesale, bought the PMMS mop in the 20” width (with heavy duty telescoping mop handle, thank you) and am in love. The handle is so sturdy, it makes the system! Today is my first real run-through and it’s quick! I’m not 100% done but I don’t have foot pain either. So relieved!

I live cross country and it took a week to receive my order. That wasn’t fun. I eyeballed my tracking number and paced the door like a cat tracking a wounded bird!

Can’t wait to use the rest of the items in my order!
Reviewed by
Kathy Cooper bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
11/09/2017 - 09:29:43 PM
I haven't tried yet. I'm buying a home with the original wood floors and researched how to care for them. I ran across your website I was very impressed with positive reviews on your quality of products and how well they work on natural wood floors. I'm very impressed with the high quality mop and microfiber system. I plan to buy one for my daughter to use. She has a lot of allergies to chemicals and these mops use very minimal amount of water or dry mop. Very happy so far.
Reviewed by
Lindy Harrison bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
11/19/2017 - 04:21:47 PM
Great product! Really well made and easy to use. Good quality! Should last for many years. Will recommend to family and friends.
Reviewed by
Myrna Roman bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
01/06/2018 - 07:57:25 AM
Great to use on my concrete floors! Have recommended to others.
Reviewed by
Katherine Tunning bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
01/27/2018 - 09:35:23 AM
Much better than my old mop - recommended to several friends who are now interested.
Reviewed by
Dierdre Denoia bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
02/19/2018 - 09:41:44 AM
The professional microfiber mop system is a real time-saver. I only wish I had bought it years ago. It is a cinch to assemble & easy to use, and the larger mop head size gets the job done efficiently. Thank you for offering a great product,
Reviewed by
James T. bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
02/24/2018 - 02:19:42 PM
The mop was very easy to use and seems durable to withstand many cleaning jobs for our house. The pole and the frame of the mop is not flimsy. I wish the plastic between the mop handle and the pad frame was metal since most of the torque in moving across the floor centers on the weakest part of the mop. Only time will tell if the system was worth the money I paid.
Reviewed by
Evelyn Tyahur bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
03/12/2018 - 05:32:49 AM
I really like how the wet mop is working on my hard wood floors to keep them clean. The dry mop does a good job as well, and I love the large size.
Reviewed by
Donna Carter bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
04/14/2018 - 08:55:42 PM
I've always loved the products; I use my products for my "second job" I help my hubby clean our church. The mop system is easy to handle and very sturdy.
Reviewed by
Tonia M Berthiaume bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
04/15/2018 - 03:31:51 PM
It works!!! It’s big enough, it picks up well, the wet mop has good grip and is easy to use to get to hard-to-reach places. It’s great to be able to easily detach both and wash them after each use. Very happy with this purchase!
Reviewed by
Chris Akers bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
04/22/2018 - 09:47:42 AM
Quality product! Bought two sets with extra pads for a friend and I. We are both happy with the mops and pads.
Reviewed by
Marvin Silvergold bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
04/28/2018 - 12:18:45 PM
Disappointed because in order for the wet mop to work without leaving massive streaks on my laminate, I must spray the floors with a hand sprayer and then use the mop, rather than wetting and wringing the mop out. Makes it much more labor intensive.
Reviewed by
Bob Plummer bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
05/19/2018 - 02:35:43 PM
Excellent mop, very easy to use. Picks up dust and hair as well as a vacuum, but is much faster. Added bonus, it is quite. Only problem is that the instruction on how to lock the adjustable handle are wrong. The instruction sheet is for the older stainless steel handle that had a collet lock. Took a while to figure out the new handle has an internal lock that is activated by turning the handle many revolutions.
Reviewed by
Jessica Moord bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
07/13/2018 - 09:56:26 AM
Love love this mop! Looks identical to Norwex mop but price is far less! My kids love to use it and so do I
Reviewed by
Guy Stephens bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
08/03/2018 - 01:11:48 PM
Just used for the first time and can't say as an old dude I love anything about moping my wood floors! However I can say after trying several other store bought brands that this system certainly makes it a lot easier and I would think that would be the case regardless of age! Thanks Microfiber!
Reviewed by
Lisa Ince bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
08/17/2018 - 12:58:34 PM
The best mop system ever.
Reviewed by
Cheri Grovet bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
09/02/2018 - 09:34:15 AM
absolutely love it!!! threw my swiffer out! very well built.
Reviewed by
Linda Grayson bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
09/04/2018 - 11:26:55 AM
Just got this mop/duster. The company website, shopping and service so far is great. hopefully I won't need the return process.

1.) The mop is exactly the size it was predicted, but it may be larger than I need/want....that's on me and I may just get used to it. 2.) I used it to dry dust/mop. It seems to pick up most, but not all of the "stuff" on the floor...dust, pet hair, etc. I expected everything would cling to the mop, again, maybe just me. 3.) I couldn't figure out how to get the wet mop to attach, so haven't used it that way yet.

Hopefully I will get used to its size and figure out how to attach and use the wetmop. so far - only average.
Reviewed by
LINDA JOHNSON bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
09/06/2018 - 04:51:19 PM
I have just been using this mop for a little more than a week and really like it. It is comparable with more expensive mops and is doing a good job.
Reviewed by
Gina Payne bought "Professional Microfiber Mop System" on our website
10/18/2018 - 01:52:38 PM
New home, a lot of hardwood. Dog sheds like crazy. I ordered this microfiber mop, and all is well! I LOVE this mop! Covers big area, no streaks, no film, it’s wonderful!! Thank you!