Professional Microfiber Mop System

The Best Mop System For Hardwood Floors & More!
Professional Microfiber Mop System
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  • Professional Quality Microfiber Mopping System, great for cleaning the home or office. Get your hardwood, laminate, tile, stone and concrete floors clean in a faction of the time with less effort!
  • Everything You Need To Clean Your Floors! Included: (2) Premium Microfiber Wet Mop Pad, (1) Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop, (1) 6' Stainless Steel Threaded Handle, (1) Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Frame
  • Our microfiber mops clean more thoroughly and more effectively than traditional mops. They're machine washable, much more economical than disposable products. Detailed use and care instructions included.
  • Use the Microfiber Dust Mop to collect larger debris like pet hair, dirt and dust. Use the Wet Mop Pads for a deeper clean. Machine washable, much more economical than disposable products. Detailed use and care instructions included.
  • Start making your life easier, order yours today!

A Mop System For Any Hard Floor!

Designed to leave all floorings clean and streak free.

Everything You Need!

1 Mojave Dust Mop Pad for dust mopping, 2 Premium Microfiber Wet Mop Pads to scrub & deep clean, plus a professional quality stainless steel mop handle and heavy duty aluminum frame.

Microfiber Floor Mops Are More Efficient & Effective

Go bucketless! This will get the job done faster, get the floors cleaner all while saving energy and mopping more ergonomically.

Who It's For

This microfiber flat mop system is designed for professional cleaners, it's also ideal for:
Premium Microfiber Flat Mop Premium Microfiber Flat Mop

Product Details

Microfiber Wholesale's Professional Microfiber Mop will enable you to thoroughly clean the floors in your home or office quick, easy and chemical free! This incredibly durable, machine washable mop will get your floors cleaner than they've ever been. 

Construction: The mop handle is made from heavy stainless steel with an acme thread tip. It extends from 42" to 70", which means you can set it to match your height and stop using handles that are too short and force you to bend over to clean properly. The frame is heavy duty aluminum and allows the mop to swivel 360° as well as lay down almost completely flat while keeping the mop in contact with the floor (great for cleaning under the couch!). The Premium Wet Mop Pads are our highest quality wet pad and feature plush loops of microfiber yarn that wraps all the way around to the back of the mop pad allowing you to clean all the way to the base boards. They're also made with a thick foam core that allows the pad to absorb more liquid which means you can cover more area with each pad. Dust Mop Pad features microfiber fringe yarn that's great at attracting and holding onto larger debris like pet hair and food crumbs while the microfiber in the interior of the mop will collect finer dust particles. 

Method: The Premium Wet Mop Pads are designed to be used damp, they work great with just plain water... no chemicals are needed to clean effectively. Of course, they'll also work with your favorite floor cleaner. The dust mop pad is designed to be used dry. Use this mop as a hardwood and tile floor cleaner. More detailed use and care instructions are included in the packaging.

Get your floors cleaner, quicker... ORDER NOW!

You can buy extra mop pads here:
Replacement Microfiber Wet Mops
Replacement Microfiber Dust Mops

See how professional cleaners are using our professional microfiber mop! 
Check out our articles, How To Clean Tile Floors and How To Mop A Floor.

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