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How To Clean Tile Floors Like A Pro | Tips From Cleaning Business Owners


Tile Floors

How To Clean Tile Floors

How To Clean Tile Floors Like A Pro

How are you taking care of your tile floors? Are you giving them the proper care they need? Find out how a professional cleaning business owner gets tile floors looking great for her clients. Annie Farron, owner of Annie At Your Service, gives us some insights on how to clean tile floors professionally, and what steps and precautions you need to take to do this. So don't settle for a mediocre job, learn the best way to clean tile floors from Annie, she will teach you how to:

  • Mop Tile Floors
  • Dry Tile Floors
  • Clean The Edges
  • Clean Grout
  • What tools she finds best gets the job done

These are things you can implement in your cleaning regimen right away. Start cleaning like a pro today!


How We Clean Tile Floors At Annie At Your Service

Vacuum Your Tile Floor To Remove Loose Dirt 

The First step to clean tile floors is vacuuming the floor thoroughly. Use the crevice tool and floor attachment to reach crumbs under the cabinets and appliances, and along corners and edges. We like to use Shark Vacuum for cleaning crumbs and hair off tile floors. It has an on/off brush roll switch making it safe for wood With the brush roll on it, it does a great job on carpet. It’s lightweight, bag-less, easy to use, and very inexpensive.

Mop Your Tile Floor To Lift Dirt 

  • Fill your mop bucket: Start by adding ¼ cup of a floor cleaner of your choice to a bucket. Then fill half way with warm water. We use Pine Sol Lemon as our tile floor cleaner because we love the lemon scent, and have even gotten a lot of compliments on the great clean smell.
  • Soak your mop pad: Next soak the wet mop pad in the Pine Sol water. Make sure to wring the water out of the pad, then put the mop pad on the floor (microfiber side down) and attach the mop pad. We use Microfiber Wholesale's Microfiber Wet Mop because it saves me time and effort compared to other cleaning methods.
  • Mop one section of the floor at a time.
  • Clean your mop pad when needed to ensure the best cleaning results, just rinse the pad in water, wring it out, pop it back on and continue mopping.
  • Change your mop water often for the best result.

Drying For A Streak Free Finish

To ensure a streak free finish, simply remove the wet pad from your mop and replace it with a dry pad. Then re-mop the floor with the dry pad. The drying step is especially important for preventing streaks from forming on shiny floor tile. 

If  Your Floor Is Still Dirty After Mopping

Identify the dirty spots on your tile floor and determine what is the cause of the spots.
If it is dried on food or a spilled sticky drinks: simply wring a little of your mop water on the spot and let it sit for a few minutes before mopping again.
If it is greasy spots: try spraying a little degreaser (we really like Greased Lightning) and wipe with a clean microfiber towel before mopping again.

Cleaning The Edges Of A Tile Floor

The edges of a tile floor will sometimes need some extra cleaning. If you notice the edges are darker and dirtier than the middle of the floor, dip a small grout brush in your mop water and scrub the edges of the floor. Then wipe down with a clean microfiber towel or simply re-mop the area.

How To Clean Grout On Your Tile Floor

Sometimes the grout will need some extra attention. If your grout is dark and dingy, this may be the case.

  • Start by working in small sections and use a tile grout cleaner like Greased Lightning. Spray your Greased Lightning on the grout and let it sit for several minutes, and then use your grout brush to give it a scrub. Wipe the grout with a clean microfiber towel and move on to the next section.
  • You will need to rinse your floor with plain warm water after cleaning your grout this way. Use the same method for rinsing as you did for mopping, but skip the Pine sol.

Why We Do It This Way

Nothing makes your home look and feel cleaner than a clean, shiny floor. Your tile floor gets allot of traffic and use. Dirt and sand will scratch and dull your tile floors. I’ve used many mops in my lifetime, but the professional microfiber mop is the best mop to clean tile floors. It is effective, easy-to-use, and covers a large surface area which makes mopping easier and more efficient.


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Ann Farron
Owner of Annie At Your Service LLC
Fairport, NY


  • Make sure to change your mop water often for the best results.
  • Always work in small sections when cleaning the grout.


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