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Ultimate Cleaners Pack

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$79.98 / each
On all domestic orders. No minimum required.

Not currently using microfiber, or new to our products? This is a great kit to get you started. It includes everything you should need to get you or a crew member through a days worth of clients houses.

Product Details

Not currently using microfiber, or new to our products? This is a great kit to get you started. It includes everything you should need to get you or a crew member through a days worth of clients houses.

The kit includes the following:

25 (each) of our 12"x12" All Purpose Microfiber Cloths - 5 red, 5 blue, 5 green, 5 yellow, 5 black
Individually, these products would cost $134.50!
It's worth pointing out that the Heavy Duty Handle that comes with the Angle Microfiber Mop Tool is threaded so it can be used with our Chenille Microfiber High Duster. When the duster is attached to the handle and the handle is extended, it measured just under 8 feet long. That means an average height person can dust easily dust up to 14' high!
Why did we choose the colors we chose... and why black towels? Nobody uses black towels to clean houses! There's a method to our madness. We believe it's important to designate certain colors for certain jobs, mainly to prevent cross contamination. For the record, cross contamination doesn't even have to mean spreading germs from one part of the house (like the restroom) to another part of the house (like the kitchen), although that's certainly a big part of it it. It's also important not to take grease or dried on food that you just cleaned off of the stove and redeposit it on the mantle or the bathroom mirror! We also believe that it's important for your client to have the impression that you're using sanitized cloths to clean their home. Of course, you are always using sanitized cloths, but sometimes they don't look like they are because all microfiber stains rather easily.


  • Red towels should be used in the restroom (except on mirrors). For most people, red means caution. Exercising a little caution with your restroom cleaning supplies isn’t a bad idea.
  • Yellow towels should be used on mirrors and windows. Mirrors and windows (at least inside the house) aren't likely to be very dirty, so you won't be showing a lot of dirt.
  • Green towels should be used for dusting, use them all over the house and use them dry.
  • Blue towels should be used damp for things like scrubbing counter tops, cleaning the kitchen table, etc.
  • Black towels should be used for heavily soiled areas like cooktops, the kitchen sink, the mud room. Black towels don’t show the dirt so your client doesn’t know that the towel may be stained!

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Nicholus S.

Cloths could be thicker. Other than that best deal on the web.

Lanesha B.

Today I actually took the time to assemble the mop after I had checked my email to leave a review. At first it didn't as if the handle would attach to the mop,soO called tospeak with someone. The lady I spoke with talked me through the assembly of the handle to the mop and I was like I thought it would break that way. Lol. Long story short. Eveything is fine. I'm satisfied.

Melinda P.

I am extremely happy with my purchase. I quickly received my pack which included a great selection of high quality products. I am in love! I would recommend the Ultimate Cleaners Pack to everyone!


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