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Mucho Mop Kit - Queen of Clean

$44.98 / each
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The professional chenille mop kit curated by the Queen of Clean.


The Mucho Mop Kit contains:


More Than Just a Mop


A revolutionary transformation of the conventional flat mop into a versatile, floor-to-ceiling, deep-cleaning powerhouse.


Perfect for:  


  • Most hard floors
  • AC vents
  • Uneven surfaces, like stone floors
  • and much more!

Clean Dirt From Grout


While flat mops are the go-to choice for professional cleaning, they struggle in many places — like grout lines.


Traditional designs often leave grout and crevices untouched and struggle to navigate textured surfaces due to catching on raised edges.


The Mucho Mop's chenille fingers dig deep into grooves, removing dirt at the source.

Clean in Every Corner!

Mucho Mop's innovative chenille fingers delve deeper to extract dirt from uneven surfaces.

From tile lippage to low grout and rough slate stone, even spa pebble floors are no match for the Mucho Mop's chenille fingers!

Not only do these chenille fingers effortlessly glide over uneven floors, but they also provide friction to tackle stubborn residues like dog slobber, dried food, and stuck-on hairs that traditional flat mops often miss.

Not Just for Floors.


Versatile and efficient, the Mucho Mop isn't just limited to floor cleaning. It can also dry dust or wet clean air vent covers, baseboards, and crown moldings, making it the ultimate multitasking cleaning solution.

Save Time & Money.


  • The Mucho Mop cleans every type of floor.

  • Our premium quality microfiber holds more dirt and water.

  • Mucho Mops' absorbency and durability mean you can use fewer mop pads.

  • Mucho Mops last longer than any other mop on the market, over 300+ washes.

  • Mucho Mops hardware is durable enough to last through years of daily professional use.


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