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  • For Streak Free Windows! Use to dry on windows and other non-porous surfaces for a streak free shine.
  • Lint Free Microfiber - A tight flat woven microfiber surface to prevent lint and fiber breakage.
  • Machine Washable - Made to last hundreds of machine washings.
  • Works Amazing With Our 9" Heavy Duty Frame & Handle Combo! The handle telescopes up to 72 feet! Plus you can lock the swivel in place, making it even easier to clean windows.
  • Also Compatible With Our: Contour Frame & Handle Combo or Microfiber Hand Trowel Tool.

The Best Dry Dust Mop For All Flooring

Collect all dust, dirt, pet hair and debris on all flooring types.

Microfiber Cuts Cleaning Time In Half

Stop wasting time with a vacuum and get your floors even cleaner with less effort. Our Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop Pads glide across the floor, easily maneuver around furniture and reach into corners better than any vacuum ever could!

Perfect Dusting Combo!

This mop pad utilizes 2 types of microfiber. The loop yarn collects larger debris, like pet hair. The face yarn collects smaller debris like dust. Microfiber is positively charged, so it naturally attracts negatively charged dust & dirt.

Need Refills Or Replacements?

These dust mop head replacements work great with any of our 18" frames. We've made these specifically with professional cleaners in mind. They are easy to use and last hundreds of washings.

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Product Details

Our Window Washing Microfiber Pad leaves your windows and glass streak free! Use them on dry or damp glass surfaces. The pad features a tight flat woven style microfiber, making this a lint free style microfiber pad. It's machine washable and when properly cared for can last you hundreds of launderings without losing its effectiveness, just follow our microfiber care instructions.

We highly recommend using them with our 9" Heavy Duty Frame & Handle Combo. The handle is made of durable heavy duty aluminum and telescopes from 42" to 72". The frame features two rows of velcro that are recessed into the frame, instead of super glued on. This means that unlike other mop frames, where the velcro peels off, our frames velcro will never come undone. Our frame also features a handy and unique Swivel Lock. Just twist the Swivel Lock and it will prevent the frame from going side to side, making it much easier to clean walls and ceilings. When mopping the floor, a full 360° swivel is beneficial, but when cleaning walls and ceilings it is not, thus our Swivel Lock allows the frame to be good for both.

You can also use these with our Contour Frame & Handle Combo and Microfiber Hand Trowel Tool.


  • Color: Light Green
  • Length: 9.75" (24.77 cm)
  • Width: 4.25" (10.8 cm)

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