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Clean That Up Custom Microfiber Towels 6 pack

$14.98 / each
On all domestic orders. No minimum required.

The absorbent microfiber towel of your dreams.


Microfiber towels are the ultimate tool in my cleaning arsenal; I use them for just about everything.

I've partnered with Microfiber Wholesale to bring you the multi-use Buff® Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel.

Designed to keep your home or office dust, dirt, and debris-free, this towel is a best-seller, and for a good reason.

More Durable

These towels have withstood the test of excessive laundering. After 250 washes, they upheld their appearance and only lost 8% absorbency compared to new towels.

More Microfiber

While generic brand microfiber towels contain 100% polyester with microfiber woven into them, the 16"x16" Buff® Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel is manufactured with microfiber blended into the base fabric. This results in more microfiber and more bang for your buck.

More Weight

Generic microfiber towels are usually between 250 and 300GSM (grams per square meter). These towels are 320GSM, meaning they're thicker, softer, and absorbent.

Get my special edition CleanThatUp Buff® Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel to Clean That Up!


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