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Case of 12 Medium Commercial Microfiber Tube Mop

$143.76 / Case of 12
On all domestic orders. No minimum required.
Select Color: Blue
  • Most Absorbent Mop on the Market! - This lint free mop has the ability to grab dirt and not let go! The super absorbency is great for cleaning up spills without pushing the mess around.
  • Same Amazing Properties in a More Compact Size - Just as effective as our Large Microfiber Tube Mop, this smaller version is great for tighter areas or users who prefer to maneuver a smaller mop
  • Easy Gliding On Any Surface - The ribbed tubed design decreases friction between the floor, giving you the smoothest mopping experience. Works great on smooth or rough surfaces, even concrete!
  • Recommended for Food and Beverage Industries - Quickly picks up spills, making it ideal for restaurants, fast food, grocery or convenience stores. For stuck on messes & scuff marks, use the vinyl coated mesh headband to scrub them away!
  • Use With Any Of Our Wet Mop Handles

Need a Handle? (This mop will work with any mop handle, but if you need a new one try ours!)

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Product Details

Our Stainless Steel Jaws Wet Mop Handles makes attaching and removing your wet mops a piece of cake. Easy to use clamp grips your mop head securely, so it won’t slip from the handle, and releases just as easily so you will never have to touch a dirty mop again! This handle extends from 48” to 80”. So no matter your height, this handle can be adjusted so it’s perfect for you. Plus it's made from stainless steel and high impact plastic, so you already know how durable it is. Learn more.


Disinfecting a clean surface removes 99.999% of germs. Microfiber’s absorbency is ideal for applying your disinfecting solution


Dry your floor fast with these microfiber tube mop heads! The 300 GSM makes these microfiber tube mop heads soft and absorbent, meaning they will work great on any kind of floor.


Tube mops are much easier to use than string mops. The ribbed tubed design makes it so they'll glide on the floor, and they won't get tangled while moppping. The tailband ensures even distribution while mopping.


Our tube mops are constructed with looped ends & tubes sewn them inside out. This prevents them from fraying or unraveling when using or washing. They also come with a large vinyl mesh headband, which keeps the mop together, and can be used as a scrubber for tougher cleaning jobs.


These are perfect for food & beverage industries. They are also great for commercial, industrial, and janitorial use. Uses include:

Residential Cleaners
Commercial Cleaners
Food Service
Restoration Services

We use the Large Microfiber Tube Mop in all of the important accounts we clean that have large floors that need to be kept looking their best. It picks up more dirt than your conventional cotton mop and on some floor surfaces you can really feel it grab. When it gets dirty just throw it in the washer and it’s like new!

Chris V., ServiceMaster

We use the Microfiber Tube Mop in medical facilities, restaurants, office buildings, outdoor patios and new construction. It collects dirt and soaks up liquids and doesn't just push the dirt around like cotton mops do! It lasts a long time and retains its effectiveness after hundreds of washes. A staple for our business - wouldn’t want to work a week without it!

Joanna M., Winston Salem Cleaning Service

We recently switched from regular old mops to the Microfiber Tube Mop. My employees and I like how light they are, evenly it mops, dries fast and leaves no streaks or water marks behind. We also regularly wash our mops and the Microfiber Tube Mop is easy to throw in the wash with my flat Microfiber Mops.

Monica M., Bonita’s Classic Cleaning LLC

Product Details

Construction: Microfiber Wholesale's Medium Microfiber Tube Mop is the most absorbent mop on the market. It’s made from tubed and looped 300 GSM woven microfiber material, the same material that we use in our All Purpose Microfiber Towels. The rib tubed design reduces friction between the surface, so it will easily glide across the floor. Our tube mops loops are sewn on the inside. The lint free material is made up of hundreds of thousands of split fibers which give the mop its ability to grab dirt and not let go. The open spaces created by the splitting process also give the mop its ability to absorb liquid. The loops are bound by a heavy-duty vinyl coated mesh head band which promotes breathability, faster drying, and can even be used for scrubbing. They also feature a tail band which ensures even coverage; the tail band also prevents the mop from getting tangled during the laundering process.
Uses: Just like String Mops, Microfiber Tube Mops refills are great for cleaning up spill as well as maintaining floors. Since the mop is so absorbent it’s really ideal for cleaning up spills. This means it’s a great mop for use in fast food restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, kitchens or anywhere else liquid is spilled. The tube mop is also one of the most effective looped mops for cleaning the floor too. The same characteristics that make microfiber towels such a revolutionary cleaning tool are also present in this mop. The lint free material makes the tube mop a great option for rough floors like concrete. The medium to small microfiber tube mop size makes this mop great for users who don’t want to handle the larger size. Since these mops are so absorbent they actually get pretty heavy when they’re loaded with liquid. Keep this in mind when determining the size mop you need. Typically women prefer the medium and small, while men prefer the large.
Method: The Tube Mop is ready to work right out of the box. It requires no break in like cotton mops do. Attach the mop to a handle. For cleaning up spills start with a dry or well wring out mop and start circling the spill from the outside in. This prevents spreading the spill. Don’t work to fast, you need to give the microfiber a chance to absorb the liquid. For cleaning floors start with a damp mop and move backwards through the space you’re cleaning while working the mop from side to side. Rinse and wring the mop as need.


  • Size: Medium - appox. 13" loop length
  • Length (Including Headband) - 16"
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
  • Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
  • Denier: .1-.2
  • Weight: 300 Grams per Square Meter (GSM)
  • Edges: Over Lock Stitching
  • Head Band: Mesh
  • Head Band Width: 6"

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