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18" Mucho Mop Baseboard Pro Kit

$39.98 / each
On all domestic orders. No minimum required.

Baseboards Have Finally Met Their Match!

Deep Clean Baseboards with DIGNITY thanks to the Mucho Mop Baseboard Pro™ Kit! Dust or wet mop baseboards from a standing position without knee or back pain.

Our patented-pending Baseboard Pro™ solves every challenge you’ve ever had with Baseboards, Uneven Floors, Chunky Messes and MORE!

    • Effortlessly Dust or Deep Clean Baseboards,

    • Quick-change baseboard slider attaches in seconds and adjusts to any baseboard height!

    • Mop uneven and dingy floors with Ease!
      (Tile Grout, Slate Stone, Mosaics and More)

    • Sweep, Scrub, & Mop AT THE SAME TIME!
      Pick up even chunky, wet messes FAST!

    • Mop & Multitask! Clean Air Vents, Crown Molding, Baseboards, Floors and More!

The 100% microfiber chenille fingers of the Baseboard Pro™ Mucho Mop Pad change everything, digging deeper and going where no mop has gone before!


High or Low, There’s Nowhere The Baseboard Pro Can’t Go!


  • The Baseboard Pro™’s 100% microfiber chenille fingers contour to match intricate baseboards, crown molding, door frames, air vents, and more!

  • Adjustable baseboard slider cleans baseboards of any height!

  • Remove the baseboard slider to turn this baseboard cleaner into a multitasking mop!

  • The feather-light, yet heavy duty aluminum pole for cleaning high or low with ease!

  • Harness the power of microfiber to deep scrub neglected baseboards and air vents without a ladder or kneeling!


Sweep and Sops Up Spills AT THE SAME TIME!



  • Glide like a mop, scrub like a sponge, and even sweep like a broom!

  • The Baseboard Pro™’s chenille fingers dig deeper, getting dirt out of grooves and uneven surfaces.

  • Recessed grout, uneven stone, even spa pebble stone floors… there’s nowhere dirt can hide from The Baseboard Pro Mucho Mop Kit!


The Baseboard Pro™ Mucho Mop Kit Saves You Time & Money!


  • No more wasting time ⏲️ scrubbing baseboards on your hands and knees!

  • No more wasting time ⏲️ switching to different types of mops for different types of floors.

  • No more wasting time ⏲️ scooping up chunky spills and messes with a broom before you mop.

  • No more wasting time ⏲️ and risking injury pulling out ladders to clean air vents, walls, door frames, and crown molding

  • No more wasting MONEY 💸 on replacement pads that don’t last. Our pad lasts 300+ washes!

  • No more wasting MONEY 💸 on hardware that breaks easily! Our Mucho Mop Baseboard Pro™ Kit is designed for YEARS of commercial use!

The Baseboard Pro™ Cleans FAST With Hardware Built to LAST!


  • Unlike the retail toys, The Baseboard Pro™ is durably designed for years of commercial use!

  • The Swivel Lock™ makes our tool do so much more than baseboards:

    • The 45° Vertical Angle lock position turns the mop into a baseboard cleaner.

    • The 360° Open Position lets the mop swivel around floors with ease.

    • The 180° Up & Down lock stops side to side movement for mopping walls fast.

  • Commercial- Grade Hardware: The mop frame, baseboard slider, and pole are made from:

    • High tensile strength plastic

    • Thick yet super light aluminum

    • Stainless steel rivets and swivel joints


Why You Should Invest In the Best


  • Microfiber Wholesale is a 3rd generation, family-owned, American company that sells the highest quality microfiber.

  • Our passion is providing high-touch customer service and innovative cleaning solutions to cleaning professionals and home cleaning enthusiasts alike. Big or small, we genuinely care about you all.

  • We only use the highest grade microfiber, woven extra plush, so you pick up more dirt and leave fewer streaks with every stroke, helping you clean faster!

  • All of our mop pads, towels, and dusters are sewn with expert workmanship and extra tight stitchwork to maximize their wear-life.


Microfiber Wholesale’s products are designed to stand up to professional use and can be laundered up to 300+ washes!



    • Order Includes:

      • (1) 6” Baseboard Pro™ Slider

      • (1) 18” Mop Frame

      • (1) 42” to 70” Heavy Duty Aluminum Extension Pole

      • (2) 18” Mucho Mop Pads

    • Color: Light Blue

    • Blend: Light Blue yarn is 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide

    • Denier: .1-.2

    • Chenille Microfiber GSM (grams per square meter): 850
    • Backing: hook and loop



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