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  • Not your ordinary dust mop! These small 10" dust mops heads glide across your floors, while quickly and easily collecting all the dust, dirt and debris that wears out hardwood, laminate, and tile floors prematurely!
  • 2-In-1 Cleaning: Microfiber fringe yarn reached into corners and gobbles up debris & the microfiber face yarn attracts and holds on to tiny dust and dirt particles. Our positively charged microfiber dust mop heads attracts negatively charged dust like a magnet!
  • Simply Toss It In The Wash When It’s Dirty. Made to be laundered hundreds of times without losing its effectiveness, it's ideal for cleaning companies who demand high quality cleaning products. Actual size is 50 inches.
  • Used With our 9" Heavy Duty Frame or our Contour Microfiber Mop Frames
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Complete Your Mop Kit!

Use these products with your 10" Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop


9" Heavy Duty Frame & Handle Combo

$22.98 / each 


As low as $14.98/each
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Quantity Discounted Price

12+ each

$16.98 per each

48+ each

$14.98 per each

18 Inch Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop MDMM19-MM

10" Premium Microfiber Wet Pad
(3 PACK)

$11.98 / 3 Pack 


As low as $7.98/3 Pack
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Product Details


Quantity Discounted Price

6+ 3 Pack

$9.98 per 3 Pack

48+ 3 Pack

$8.98 per 3 Pack

480+ 3 Pack

$7.98 per 3 Pack

Product Details

Construction: Microfiber Wholesale's 10” Mojave Dust Mop is microfiber dust mop pad with fringe yarn. It’s constructed from looped microfiber yarn sewn to a microfiber dust mop pad which features dense cut split microfiber. This size will work with our 9" Heavy Duty Frame or our Contour Microfiber Mop Frames. It combines the best of both types of dust mops; you get the deep clean of regular microfiber dust mop pads and the ability to handle larger soil like our looped yarn microfiber dust mops. The fringe yarn is improved; it’s a much tighter yarn that isn’t as prone to getting debris stuck in it. The face yarn is more dense than our older version that this replaces. The backing is a hook and loop which attaches to any of our Microfiber Mop Frames and Microfiber Mop Tools.

Uses: This microfiber dust mop head is best used to mop hard surface floors with light to moderate soil. The 10” version is great for home use. It’s perfect for picking up pet hair, dirt and dust removal in your kitchens and living rooms. It also works well for maids, housekeeping professionals, and even commercial cleaners who need a quick and easy yet effective method for maintaining client’s floors between deeper cleaning with microfiber wet mops. The cut pile microfiber pad cleans deeper than looped dust mops.

Method: Use this microfiber dust mop pad dry. Simply lay it on the floor and place the mop frame on top of the mop pad. Then, as you walk backwards, through the room working the mop side to side, twist the handle to turn the mop, almost in a figure eight motion, so the same edge of the mop is always in front. This will prevent dust, dirt, cat and dog hair from being left behind, and is great for scooping up debris that lingers on the edges of your baseboards.

More: The advantage of having microfiber fringe yarn is that the fringe yarn collects the larger debris and keeps it from clogging up the microfiber dust pad. This leaves the microfiber dust pad free to clean smaller dust and dirt particles. Microfiber dust mops are superior in cleaning ability to traditional cotton dust mops for many reasons including the ability of microfiber to attract negatively charged dust particles with its positively charged fibers as well as its greater durability. The extendable handle and 360 degree swivel on the mop frame, will ensure you are effectively dusting your floors without leaving anything behind. These microfiber dust mops are machine washable but should only be washed with other microfiber items to prevent the mop from picking up lint.


  • Sizes: 5” x 10” (13.5cm x 25.4cm)
  • Color: Light Blue/Dark Blue
  • Blend: 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide Microfiber – 100% Microfiber
  • Denier: .1-.2
  • Backing: Hook and Loop style
  • Fill: None

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Kelly N.
United States United States
Great mini mop at a great price!

The mini mop works great and provides greater control in mopping hard to clean areas on my floors than my old full size mop. I was skeptical about only using water to clean my floors but the microfiber mop pad did a great job.


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