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How To Find Great Employees

How To Find Great Employees For My Cleaning Business

How To Find Great Employees For My Cleaning Business

Want to grow your cleaning business? Finding great employees is where you need to start. We've asked some of the cleaning industry's experts how they do it and what tools they use to get the job done. Below you'll find out how Regina DeCorte, owner of Maid In JC, attracts great new hires for her business.

How We Do It At Maid In JC

Sooner or later your cleaning business’ growth may be constrained by the number of new hires you can attract and retain. While on the surface it may seem simple enough to attract new recruits from an unskilled labor pool by paying a bit above minimum wage, it’s easier said than done. Let’s face it: ours in an unsexy industry with extremely high turnover. No one is proud to admit that their mother, wife or significant other is employed to scrub toilets in other people’s homes all day. What’s a business owner to do?

Always Be On The Lookout

Just as you consistently advertise for new clients, you must also recruit in tandem lockstep. So always be on the lookout, you never know when you might run into the right people.

Proper Advertising Strategies

Long term, happy employees are looking for more that just a paycheck and the way that you recruit should address those needs. If hoping to purge employees from local retailers, a tagline of “steady, predictable schedule of M-F hours is offered from day one” might connect you with candidates who are currently working for retailers who issue and cancel schedules on a whim. If hoping to attract candidates who are eager for a sense of connection, a tagline of “looking to make new friends while earning great pay?” might resonate with candidates who are feeling isolated at a current job. You’ll attract parent applicants with the tagline, “want nights and weekends off to spend more time with your family?” The main point, make your hiring Ads appeal to unmet needs or pain points.

Know What Makes Your Business Great!

Stop and ask yourself why anyone would want to work for your company for any length of time? Do you offer competitive pay, opportunities for advancement, rewards, incentives, birthday celebrations, paid or unpaid time off for sick, vacation or other? Each of us may have a unique selling point when it comes to why clients should hire us and we need to work even harder on why anyone would want to join our company.

Make Employee Referrals Your Goal

At Maid in JC we use a multi channel approach to attracting new hires. Our best recruits come from current employees who are offered a referral bonus when a new employee has celebrated their 3 month anniversary with us. It can take awhile to create a culture where currently employees feel engaged and rewarded. You’ll know that you’re hitting your stride when your employees start referring their friends.


What Do We Use To Find Potential Employees?

  1. A digital, 2-step, job application is easily enough created in Google Forms and allows for applicant screening. We look for candidates who enthusiastically answer open ended questions.
  2. Job fairs provide an opportunity for us to stand out with an array of “Reasons to Work For Us” that appeal to economic and social needs. Simply sitting down to make the list will force you to carefully consider your company’s unique value proposition to new hires.


Regina DeCorte Co Owner Of Maid In JC

Regina DeCorte
Owner of Maid In JC
Jersey City, NJ


  • Ask yourself "what is it that employees are looking for in a job" and then design your ads around that.
  • Know your unique selling point and leverage it!
  • If employees are willing to refer their friends when a job opens up, you know you are on the right track!
  • Look for candidates who enthusiastically answer open ended questions.

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