Cleaning Restrooms with Microfiber

The easiest way to cleaning Bathrooms and Restrooms with Microfiber

Restrooms are never any fun to clean. So we want to always get in and out as quickly as we can. We have some specific microfiber products and methods that work really well to be super effective when cleaning. So you’re getting things really clean and saving yourself time.

I really recommend using color coded cloths. This is so you can say organized and use different color codes for areas so you’re not using the cloth you used on a toilet to then go clean a kitchen counter.

I like to pre-spray the toilet before I do anything else. Then I’ll start from the top and work down. Clean the mirror with water. Wiping with an all purpose microfiber towel and drying with a microfiber glass towel.

For the sink you can either spray your disinfectant directly on the surface or pre-moisten your microfiber towels. Dry off the fixtures with the glass towel for a streak free shine.

Move to the toilet. Start on the stuff we touch like the handle, top of the seat. Then the back of the tank. Then our least favorite part, cleaning the seat, then the rim, then the base. Obviously you’ll want to use a bowl cleaner and bowl brush inside the toilet.

So on to the floor. If there is a fair amount of hair, dirt, or paper on the floor then break out the dust mop. Use a wet mop to get a deeper clean. Spray disinfectant directly on the floor or pre-moisten the pad like we talked about before. Start from the back corner of the room and work towards the door. Don’t get trapped in here.

The flexibility and shape of these wet mops lets you really get in between odd shaped things like the back of the toilet and around the base. These are places that are easy to overlook, but super important to get clean. You should use different sized mops for different sized rooms. In a normal residential restroom you may want to use our 10” Microfiber Wet Mops.

And we’re done! Just throw your towels and pads into the washing machine to reuse them again.

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