3 Reasons Why Microfiber Makes The Best House Cleaning Products

Microfiber Towels Best House Cleaning Products For Homeowners And Professional Cleaners

Use Microfiber Towels to make your kitchen counters and appliances free of dirt and grime!

Your counters a sparkling, your floors are spotless, the clutter is gone, and you can finally breathe in that crisp fresh air. That’s the feeling of a freshly cleaned home, and there’s nothing like it! That’s why choosing the best house cleaning products is so important.

The dilemma? Getting there is another story. Cleaning is hard work. It’s tedious, and puts stress on your body from all the repetitive motions, crouching, kneeling, tip-toeing, etc. For all the great and rewarding benefits of cleaning, it sure seems like a chore that nobody would ever want to do.

Professional Cleaners Will Tell You- Microfiber Products Are The Best House Cleaning Products

Microfiber is loved by professional cleaners both residential and commercial. You probably already know it cleans great, but what if I told you it is more than just a great cleaner? There are many benefits of using microfiber products, but we’ll give you just 3 of the reasons why professional cleaners love them.

Microfiber Cleans Without The Use Of Chemicals

“Hazardous”, “Use With Caution”, “Warning”, read the labels on many of our daily chemical cleaners and you’ll notice these words in bold! Constant exposure to chemical cleaners can be bad for your health. So why pay for something that can hurt you, both physically and financially?

Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towels For Windows And Mirrors

Our easy-to-use Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack, gives you a clear and streak free surface in just two simple steps. Get one as low as $9.98.

With Microfiber products, you get clear and streak free windows and mirrors by just using water. How? Because of the large quantity of fibers, and their natural squeegee like ability to scrape up dirt and liquids. Take our Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack for example. Even professional cleaners love to use our glass cleaning  method! They are much more effective than a typical spray-and-wipe method for 2 reasons.

  1. You don’t have to carry around large squeegees
  2. Squeegees don’t pick up dirt. They just lift it off the surface, that’s why many times there are left over lingering streaks. Microfiber lifts and stores the streak causing dirt within its fibers.

Microfiber Is Easy On Your Joints

What if I told you cleaning didn’t have to be that hard? Does your hand hurt after scrubbing, or your joints start to ache from kneeling or crouching? The worst part about cleaning is how tedious some of the tasks can be. Because of microfiber’s great ability to lift dirt and pick up dust, you’ll spend less time performing scrubbing and cleaning motions with your wrists and hands. Microfiber is also lightweight. This can make a huge difference for tasks, such as mopping, since the fibers glide rather than drag.

Compare our Microfiber Mop System to a conventional cotton wet mop, and it’s obvious to see why professional cleaners choose microfiber flat mops! How do microfiber flat mops, such as our Microfiber Mop System, make mopping smooth and easy?

Microfiber Mop System

Our best selling Microfiber Mop System. Starting at $29.98!

  1. Microfiber glides rather than drags, that’s because there are so many fibers working as a team to pick up dirt and dust.
  2. You no longer need to carry a mop bucket around when mopping. Just dampen the wet mop pad, and you’re good to go.
  3. Our Microfiber Mop System comes with a swivel, making it extremely maneuverable around your house!
  4. Our Microfiber Mop System is ergonomic, so you’ll always clean comfortably and easily.

What’s The Secret To Microfiber? Microfiber Products Just Clean Better!

Buf Pro Multi Surface Cleaning Cloth

Our 12″ x 12″ Buff™ Pro Multi Surface Cleaning Cloths, work great on any surface and any cleaning task! Starting as low $0.60 each.

The success of microfiber lies in its nature. Microfiber by nature acts as a dust magnet, since it is positively charged, and dust is negatively charged. The fibers are also extremely small, 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, and microfiber is even small enough to pick up many germs and bacteria! With that in mind, can you imagine how many fibers are working together when you clean your counters with a microfiber towel? And because microfiber is lightweight, it is able to quickly absorb liquids and take care of spills immediately. Check out some of the best microfiber cloths for household cleaning, like our Buff™ Pro Multi-Surface Cleaning Towels.  They’ll clean and dry anything from you car, to your kitchens, mirrors, glass, and bathrooms.

Don’t make the mistake of cleaning with cotton towels. What advantage could you possibly have? Use the best house cleaning products, and choose microfiber for whatever you need to clean. If you don’t, can you really call it cleaning?

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