Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks 2020! [Printable PDF]

Tis the season! Spring cleaning may never become painless, but you can make the task more efficient – like a pro with our easy spring cleaning tips!

Unused clothing stored in closets, baskets of neglected toys, stubborn water stains in the bathroom sink, and even expired cosmetics are just a few of the things that can clutter your home. We want to help you approach each individual cause of household disorder with fast and efficient cleaning methods.

These tips for spring cleaning and organizing give you basic guidelines for de-cluttering your home, and pro advice for tackling room-by-room cleaning. With these quick spring cleaning tips on choosing the right tools and applying a cleaning system, you’ll have your home spotless in no time! And once you finish, double check that you’ve cleaned these 8 most commonly missed spots. You’ll thank us later.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Go Green & Eco Friendly

Make sure your spring cleaning is eco-friendly! That means replacing your chemical cleaners, or at least reducing their use. Our #1 green spring cleaning tip is using microfiber and water to clean (here’s why). Using them together can replace your need for chemical sprays like windex. For more ways you can clean eco-friendly this spring, check out this post: 4 alternatives to chemical cleaners.

Want More Of The Best Home Cleaning & Organizing Tips?

Want to know more in depth about how to clean your home?  Get professional cleaning advice at our Clean Like A Pro section, where professional cleaners teach you step by step on how to do a variety of your everyday cleaning tasks. Learn how to clean mirrors, hardwood floors, microwaves, tile grout, and more! It really is the best way to spring clean. If you are looking to further your decluttering and organizing process, check out this amazing decluttering guide.

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