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Microfiber Mop Charging Bucket

$49.98 / each
On all domestic orders. No minimum required.
Select Color: Green
  • Ideal for sanitizing! Charge your wet mops pads in water or a sanitizing solution until you're ready to use them.
  • Easy-to-use Mop Bucket with Wheels! These are available with wheels, making them great for taking on the go. (replacement wheels available as well)
  • Made from durable plastic - a smooth and non-porous material helps prevent bacteria growth and cleans up easitly
  • Ergonomic handle with grips makes it easy to transport
  • 6 Gallon Capacity holds up to 25 18" pads!
  • Available in 3 colors! Get this flat mop bucket in red, blue, or green for easy color coding in all cleaning environments

Set of 4 Castors

$10.00/ Set of 4


Product Details

Microfiber Wholesale’s Microfiber Mop Charging Bucket is ideal for moistening microfiber mops for cleaning and disinfecting and keeping them that way until you’re ready to use them. They feature a water tight lid; this means you can turn the bucket upside down to make sure your cleaning or disinfecting solution completely soaks your microfiber mops. In fact, that’s the correct way to use this type of bucket to “charge” your microfiber mops. This type of bucket is sometimes called a top down mop bucket. The microfiber mop bucket is made from durable plastic which is smooth and non-porous which helps prevent bacteria growth and also cleans up easily. The bucket features a carrying handle with grips which is convenient for carrying it from room to room. Inside the bucket you’ll find measuring marks in both Gallons and Liters.

The best way to use the bucket is to place your microfiber wet pads in the bucket, blue side down, then pour a premeasured amount of water or cleaning/disinfecting solution into the bucket. In order to get the mop damp but not soaked you’ll need to get a feel for how much liquid it takes. With 18” wet mop pads it’s usually about 3-4 ounces per pad. When the liquid has been poured in firmly place the lid on the bucket and then flip it upside down. The liquid will evenly wick through the pads. If you have added the right amount of liquid you’ll be able to use the mop pads without wringing them out. When the microfiber mops are charged you can remove the lid, place your microfiber mop tool onto the pad and lift it out of the bucket. This way you can mop without touching the chemical soaked pad.

Our Microfiber Flat Mop Bucket is long enough to store our 11”, 17”, 18” and 20” Microfiber Wet Mop Pads laid flat as well as our 26” and 38” pads folded once. The capacity of the bucket is 6 gallons (20 liters). It’s deep enough that you can lay 25 of our 18” or 20” Microfiber Mops in it. It’s available in 3 colors; red, blue and green with matching lids. This allows you to designate certain buckets for certain jobs. It also means you can clearly designate which bucket contains clean mops and which contains dirty mops.


  • Inside dimensions: 20” x 8” at top 18” x 8.5” at bottom 10” Deep
  • Capacity: 6 Gallons (20 Liters)
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Green

Exterior Dimensions:

  • with handle 21.88" x 13.06" x 17.38"
  • without handle 20.5" x 10.63" x 10.5"

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