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Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster

$11.98 / 2 Pack
On all domestic orders. No minimum required.

(Telescoping Handle Sold Separately)

  • Better Than A Regular Feather Duster, our Microfiber Fluffy Duster attracts and holds on to dust instead of just sending dust airborne to settle back down later.
  • Flexible To Match What You're Dusting and to get into hard to reach areas like ceiling fans, light fixtures and chandeliers. It has a sturdy wire core that is built to last.
  • Attach To Any Of Our Threaded Mop Handles to add reach so you can dust and capture cobwebs anywhere!
  • Make Your Life Easier and Order Yours Today!  Our Microfiber products are so efficient and easy to use, you’ll almost feel lazy! You’ll be finished with the job in a fraction of the time


(Handle Sold Separately)  It's delicate enough to dust heirlooms but sturdy enough to be used day in and day out.

ceiling fan duster
chandelier duster
shelves duster
blinds duster
furniture duster


Easily dust the tops of ceiling fans, or around intricate chandeliers and light fixtures with a microfiber bendable duster.


Since microfiber is permanently positively charged, and dust is negatively charged, this duster will attract dust like a magnet!


This duster was designed to be used by professional cleaners, it's ideal for:

Residential Cleaners
Commercial Cleaners
Auto Detailers
Food Service

After disappointment with three prior fluffy dusters, we standardized on the Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster because of its great performance, durability, ease to clean, and most important, ability to screw onto the same pole we use for mopping. Big plus for me is that all my cleaners love it and have said “keep it!” no more testing comparable dusters.

Steve P., Ansley Home Cleaning

This duster is our solution as a cleaning company. They are so inexpensive, we give one to each of our clients, so we are not sharing other people's potentially harmful dust from other people's homes. They hold a LOT of dust and tend to retain it, until they are easily vacuumed and you are good to go again!

Clinton J., Agape Clean

We love our flexible microfiber dusters. They allow us to clean places where cleaning with a regular microfiber cloth won’t work well. We especially like that it can attach to the mop pole and bends, so we can reach cobwebs, ceiling fans, and atop pipes. My staff doesn’t clean without it in their caddies.

April W., April Fresh Cleaning

Perfect Duster For Cobwebs, Ceiling, Chandeliers, & More!

Product Details

Construction: Microfiber Wholesale’s Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster is our most economical microfiber duster. It features microfiber material that’s an 80/20 blend of polyester and polyamide. The microfiber material is attached to a flexible wire spine. The positively charged microfibers act as a magnet to attract and hold negatively charged dust particles. The hand grip features a female threaded end which will accept any acme (standard) threaded handle including our long reach Threaded Telescoping Handle, works great as a ceiling fan or cobweb duster. It’s a one piece duster that is not machine washable, however if you want to know how to clean a fluffy duster like this one it's super easy. Just it rinse it out and use it over and over again.

Uses: Our Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster is a great economical tool that can be used to dust just about anything. The light fluffy design makes it great for dusting around fragile objects and under furniture. When attached to our extendable Telescoping Threaded Handle, you'll extend your reach to 68”! Use it as a high ceiling duster to reach up into your ceilings to gather cob webs, dust chandeliers, and other lighting fixtures. Flex it to make it a microfiber ceiling fan duster. It's the best duster for blinds and vents. This is also a great duster for using on your car, it’s great for picking up light dust on the outside of the car, especially those with waterless carwash treatments, as well as cleaning the upholstery, instrument panel, and even for reaching into the tight space where the windshield meets the dashboard. These fluffy duster refills are meant to be used dry only. The magnet like action of the Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster means you don’t need to add any chemical cleaners or dust attractants so you can clean green and chemical free! It's the perfect bendable microfiber duster for chandeliers, cobwebs, and more!
Method: Use the Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster dry. Simply take the duster out of the plastic cover it ships in and spin it to fluff it up. Then either use the duster straight or flex it to fit to the objects you’re dusting, such as ceiling fan blades. You can attach the Microfiber Flexible Fluffy Duster to any extendable threaded handle and use it high or low to reach far under a couch. When the duster is saturated with dust, which may be after several uses, simply rinse the duster out in a sink. Then slide your hand down the length of the duster, starting from the handle, to wring it out. The microfiber will absorb a lot of water when you rinse it out so be sure to let it drip dry over something that won’t be damaged if it gets wet.


  • Sizes: 7” x 22” (17cm x 55cm)
  • Color: Blue
  • Blend: 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
  • Denier: .1-.2
  • Reach: 68” With Telescoping Threaded Handle (Not Included)

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