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Leveling the Playing Field:  The Secret Mission of Our Cleaning Company Starter Kit

Leveling the Playing Field: The Secret Mission of Our Cleaning Company Starter Kit

Everyone loves a good underdog story! From Apple pushing out IBM to Netflix unseating Blockbuster, it feels like a win for all of us when the little guy, through pluck and innovation, triumphs over a corporate behemoth. Sadly, in the world of professional cleaning, these stories are becoming few and far between due to the near unbeatable buying power of the big franchise brands.  

The largest cleaning franchises use their collective buying power to secure everything from software to supplies at prices independent cleaners can only dream of. These savings not only pad their profits but leave them more capital to invest in higher wages, a terrifying market advantage during these labor-strapped times. It’s become painfully clear that unless something drastic happens fast, franchises will soon secure all of the most desirable accounts, leaving everyone else to fight over the scraps.

That’s where Microfiber Wholesale and I step in. My name is Melissa Homer, and I’m a professional cleaning expert that has made my career consulting some of the biggest cleaning franchise brands. I’ve seen firsthand the incredible advantages these companies provide, both in terms of buying power and specialized support.  

During my 20+ year career, I have used my expert cleaning and business knowledge to save my clients incredible amounts of money through sourcing the best supplies, creating innovative training systems, developing time-saving procedures, and more… all of which felt like the fair thing to do at the time, until I realized it wasn’t!

During the height of the pandemic, it became painfully clear that for small cleaning companies trying to navigate those terrible times alone, it wasn’t just a market disadvantage, it was downright dangerous! As I worked round the clock to keep my franchisees safe with the most up-to-date medical information and supply pipelines, it broke my heart to see how many cleaners from other companies were being sent out without the proper education and products to keep themselves and their clients safe.  

I promised myself I would find a way to help level the playing field and ensure that even the smallest of cleaning companies have fair access to proper education and high-quality supplies, so they can compete fairly with the big guys over quality, not just buying power.

In walks the unlikely hero in our story, Microfiber Wholesale. As a third-generation, family-owned business, they’ve built their brand around supporting small businesses that care about doing things right, just like they do. Microfiber Wholesale also saw the writing on the wall and knew something had to be done, but realized they were in a unique position to help.

Instead of using their marketing budget just to blast out pictures of towels, they realized THEY could fund the cleaning education and buying power their clients so desperately needed. This is why they reached out to me, a cleaning expert and loyal large-scale buyer of Microfiber Wholesale products for over 10 years.

Microfiber Wholesale offered me the incredible opportunity to use its marketing reach to help educate cleaners, consult cleaning companies on how to grow their business, and promote the elevation of the public’s perception of professional cleaning to the respected tradesperson’s craft it always should have been.

Everything I had dreamed of achieving in one fell swoop! Needless to say, I said yes and set to work right away, writing and filming as much cleaning content as fast as I could, but I quickly realized something crucial was missing.

I knew that no matter how much cleaning education I provided, if I didn’t help cleaning companies get their supply mix right at a price they could afford, they’d be sunk before they started. In my decades of managing supplies for some of the largest cleaning franchise brands, I knew how difficult and time-consuming it was to find the right products, determine the correct quantities, manage inventory, and secure competitive pricing.

The wrong supplies can destroy a cleaner's performance, no matter how well trained they are, and most small companies can’t afford to constantly replace poor product choices. So picking the wrong supplies can literally be the kiss of death for a new cleaning company starting out.

This is why I begged Microfiber Wholesale to let me create a cleaning company in a box, a turnkey solution with everything microfiber a professional cleaner needs to clean any property! I knew if I carefully curated the right mix of products, at the right quantities, at the right price, and sold it along with access to the free education I was creating, I could make these new cleaning companies unstoppable.  

If I built this kit right, even old small cleaning companies trapped under the glass ceiling created by their previous lack of access to the right support and supplies could break through to the next level too. I explained that if we arm our customers with the right education AND products, discounted to the point they can’t say no, they could finally go to war with the big guys and win, so they and we could grow together… and I got my yes!

My aptly named “How to Start a Cleaning Business Microfiber Kit” is the culmination of everything I have learned from decades of working in professional cleaning with literally thousands of cleaners under my charge. I've eliminated all the guesswork and handpicked the perfect selection of premium microfiber for your business, including everything you need for one cleaner to clean any property for over a year.

This turnkey system is perfectly balanced with the right specialty weaves, colors, and quantities to make everything from training your staff to managing inventory fast and intuitive. Our microfiber lasts over 300+ washes, so the kit will save your business money just from the wear-life alone, never mind the performance. Most importantly, since microfiber tools are what cleaners use most throughout their day, this kit will dramatically improve both your cleaners’ speed and results, allowing you to increase profits without sacrificing quality.

Bargain microfiber might be cheap to buy, but Microfiber Wholesale microfiber is cheap to own! We only use the highest-grade fibers, woven extra plush, so you can pick up more dirt and leave fewer streaks with every stroke, helping your cleaners finish their jobs faster.

I included color-coded cloths to curb cross-contamination, making it easy for even the newest cleaners to identify which towel is for which area, making training a breeze. I’ve selected the perfect specialty weaves to suit every cleaning challenge, from waffle weave for greasy messes in the kitchen to the plush cut pile that buffs wood and stainless steel to a brilliant shine.

In short, everything in this kit will help your cleaners clean faster with less frustration and better results, saving you money on reduced labor, decreased employee turnover, and increased client retention.

I designed this kit to see you through the toughest year of your business without worrying about inventory. Our microfiber products can withstand daily heavy scrubbing and commercial laundering and look as good in front of your first customer on the first day as they do on the 300th.

The hardware is super durable, allowing your staff to clean fully out without any fear of damage. Every piece is made with real stainless steel rivets and swivels, high tensile strength plastic, and extra-thick aluminum, ensuring the system will last for years. While these supplies might cost a little more upfront, when divided over their incredibly long wear-life, this system is cheaper than even dollar-store microfiber!

I've made managing your microfiber as easy as 1-2-3 with my precision quantities and packing system. The starter kit includes three full days’ worth of supplies for one cleaner. Cleaners perform six to seven hours of cleaning labor a day, usually in two smaller properties for residential cleaning or one large facility for commercial.

Two Properties Per Day X 3 Days = 6 Sets of Microfiber. Three days’ worth of microfiber creates the perfect laundry rotation:

Like singing a kid’s round song, each day’s worth of sets starts the cycle a day after the last, so there are always fresh sets packed and ready to go! You only need to run one load of laundry per day, which means you can pack the microfiber washed yesterday right away without waiting for laundry to finish, and you can pack up for the next day and get home to your family faster!

Most exciting of all, Microfiber Wholesale decided to put their money where their mouth is, heavily discounting this Cleaning Company Starter Kit by 40% to prove they believe in me, the system I created, and in doing their part to help upend the monopoly the big cleaning franchises are creating in this industry.

They’ve committed to not only discounting this starter kit but providing everyone that buys it with a steady stream of cleaning education and business coaching content to go with it, giving them every leg up possible to succeed. They’re providing blog articles, videos on Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook, a podcast series interviewing successful cleaning company owners called “Cleaning Up the Profits: Dishing the Dirt on What It Takes to Succeed in the Cleaning Industry,” and even direct access to ask me questions through weekly Livestream Q&As and my email  

Microfiber Wholesale’s How to Start a Cleaning Business Microfiber Starter Kit, along with my educational content, will be the plot twist in the story of professional cleaning that the big franchise brands never saw coming, ending their stronghold on our industry, one box at a time. Join the revolution today.

Deep Clean Hard Floors, Effortlessly.

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