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The most important aspect in making microfiber towels last is how you wash them. When cared for properly microfiber towels can last hundreds of washings. There are three important rules to remember when washing microfiber:

  1. Only wash microfiber with other microfiber. If you try to mix microfiber with other items like cotton towels you’ll find that the microfiber has picked up all the lint and fuzz that came off of the cotton towels. Once the microfiber has picked up lint it’s really difficult to pick it off, it essentially ruins the towel. The only way to prevent this is to keep your microfiber separate from the rest of your laundry.
  2. Do not use fabric softeners with microfiber. Softeners will clog the microscopic pores in microfiber and will destroy their ability to absorb. This will make your microfiber towels nothing more than a soft cloth good for polishing and not much else. It will ruin their effectiveness as a cleaner. One thing you may not realize is that most laundry detergents contain softeners; because of this we recommend our Free and Clear Microfiber Detergent. It doesn’t contain any softeners, nor does it contain any optical brighteners or scent.
  3. Don’t dry microfiber under high heat. The best way to dry your microfiber towels is to let them air dry however for most people that’s not an option. If you can’t air dry it’s best to dry microfiber towels under low heat or no heat. The good news is microfiber dries very quickly, you’ll find that microfiber towels under no heat don’t take any more time to dry than cotton towels under high heat.

For more detailed information on commercial laundering instructions for microfiber please see our Microfiber Washing Instructions page.


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