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It’s not about cleaning. I know that may be a shock to cleaning business owners, but what it’s really about is your profitability. Think about it, would you be using microfiber if it didn’t help improve your bottom line? Of course not! With that being said many cleaning businesses are not aware of how the cleaning products they use can have immediate to lasting impacts on their business. Here's 3 of them:

(If you have never used microfiber, we recommend reading this article about Why These 2 Cleaning Pro's Use Microfiber)


Everything starts with your employees! To make sure they are postively contributing to your bottom line you need to ensure they are happy and equipped with products that make cleaning as easy as possible. The happier (or less frustrated) your employees are the more motivated they'll be. They're more likely to take the extra step for your customers, and maybe most importantly, you'll be able to retain your best employees who know what it takes to continually make your customers happy. So just what does it look like to provide your employees with the right products?

  1. Products that they can easily use for a variety of tasks. Many times better quality products are capable of effectively doing more than just the one or two things.
    • Example: Better quality Microfiber Towels are better for using on multiple surface types, can clean great with just water, and are more effective for more advanced tasks such as buffing and polishing.(See our Buff™ Pro Multi Surface Microfiber Towels)
  2. Specific products that address the toughest cleaning tasks. Certain things require special attention, make sure you are aware of what your employees biggest cleaning issues are.
    • Example: When removing streaks on glass, it's best to use a lint-free type of towel like our Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths. They'll not only remove and buff out the streaks, but they're made so they won't shed lint either.

By doing the above you'll be making life so much easier on your employees, without giving up the quality of your cleaning.

Getting 5 Star Reviews (And Avoiding Negative Ones)

Do your customers care or know exactly what products you’re cleaning their homes with? Probably not. Your customers want exactly what you want, a job well done. By using better quality cleaning products, your employees will be able to effectively and efficiently complete the jobs that are required of them. This reduces the chances that your employees feel rushed, thus more likely to miss spots, get sloppy, or forget small details important to that specific customer.

How about those customers that seem impossible to please? Better quality products are able to properly address their specific needs. You'll be able to clean into hard to reach areas, remove those annoying lingering streaks, and even scrub away stubborn messes. If you want those 5 star reviews, make sure you are using high quality microfiber products.

  • Example: Our Chenille Microfiber High Duster is bendable, machine washable, and attaches to our mop handles for up to a 92" reach! Ideal for dusting into hard to reach areas from high to low.


Your cleaning products will not only increase employee and customer satisfaction, they can save you money too. Using higher quality cleaning products can do this by:

  1. Spending less on replacements
  2. Spending less on extra equipment (ie. mop buckets)
  3. Spending less on chemical cleaning products.
  4. Spending less on workplace injuries. '
    • Example: Our Microfiber Mop System is easy to use! It cleans great with just water, has a 6 ft. adjustable handle, and requires no mop bucket. You can even lock the 360° swivel to easily mop wide open spaces. It's made of durable quality materials from the frame to the handle, and the wet mop pads have been machine wash tested to ensure they'll continue to perform great.

To ensure you are getting better quality cleaning products, first check to see how the products hold up after washing and how well they are able to clean with just water. For hardware, make sure they are not only made of durable quality materials, but built stable too. Always look for ergonomic or easy-to-use features, such as how adjustable is it and how versatile is it.

Products We Recommend

If you've made it his far, you are probably wondering what products would we recommend that are easy to use, great for a variety of cleaning tasks, and most importantly get the job done the right way! Because we aren't sure if you are looking for towels, mops, or dusters, we'd advise you to check out some of our best sellers (click below), or if you want a kit that has it all check out our Microfiber Cleaning System (details below)

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