Microfiber Kits

Microfiber Mop System
As low as $24.98/each
Microfiber Cleaning System
As low as $54.98/each
Professional Microfiber Mop System
As low as $37.98/each
Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack
As low as $9.98/each
High Reach Microfiber Cleaning Kit
As low as $14.98/each
Bottle Rocket Mop Kit
Your Price $149.95
Premium Mini Microfiber Mop System
As low as $27.98/each

If you're just getting started with microfiber products, purchasing a Microfiber Cleaning Kit is the way to go. We've assembled a complete set cleaning essentials - so you won't need to worry about what initial products to purchase.

By purchasing a kit you'll have the peace of mind that you have all the microfiber products you need to start cleaning. Plus, these bundled products will save you money versus purchasing these products individually. Since microfiber is washable - one kit alone can eliminate dozens of boxes of disposable dusters or paper towels.