Lint Free Microfiber Cloths For Glass - Glasses, Lenses, Windows, Mirrors

16" x 16" Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth
6 Pack
As low as $5.98/Pack

Buff™ Quick Cloth
2 Pack with Case
Your Price $5.98

6"x6" Microfiber Suede Cloth
50 Pack
As low as $14.98/Pack

6"x6" Microfiber Silk Cloth
100 Pack
As low as $19.98/Pack

8"x8" Microfiber Silk Cloth
50 Pack
As low as $14.98/Pack
Get lint free microfiber cloths for glasses, lens, windows, mirrors, phones, stainless steel and more! The below selection of microfiber cloths are made to be used to remove streaks on any non porous surface. They are made to be used for drying, are safe and scratch free, and are tightly woven to ensure they are lint free cloths. They'll work great with plain tap water, no liquid chemicals needed! All of our microfiber cloths are machine washable and extremely durable.

If you are looking to remove streaks on larger objects such as mirrors, windows, or stainless steel kitchen appliances we recommend using our best selling Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths. You can also get these in our Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack, which includes 2 additional All-Purpose Microfiber Towels.

For removing oil based smudges and fingerprint on more personal items such as: eyewear, optical, camera lenses, smart phones, tablets, and computer screens, use a lens cloth like our Buff™ Quick Cloths. These come in 6 fun designs and make cleaning so much easier, you'll just have to click on them and see for yourself!

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