Fiberglass Jaws Wet Mop Handle

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Fiberglass Jaws Wet Mop Handle
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1-2 pieces
3 - 11 pieces
$19.98 each
12+ pieces
$13.25 each
Item Number: WMHJF
  • Stop Wasting Time and Labor! Our Fiberglass Jaws Wet Mop Handles makes attaching and removing your wet mops a piece of cake.
  • Eliminate the frustration of handling soiled mops heads! Our easy to use clamp grips your mop head securely so it won’t slip from the handle and releases just as easily so you will never have to touch a dirty mop again!
  • Fiberglass Construction means this mop handle is sturdy yet light weight so it's easy to maneuver.
  • Use with all of our Microfiber Wet Mops or Non-Microfiber Wet Mops.
  • Don’t hassle with saddle style handles that are hard to use can scratch floors. Buy our jaws style handle today - you won’t regret it!

Product Details

Microfiber Wholesale’s Fiberglass Jaws Wet Mop Handle is light weight and easy to use. The fiberglass handle is non-pourous and meets health code requirement making it perfect for the food and beverage industry. The high impact plastic jaw has a threaded coupling that cinches the jaw onto the mop and is made in the USA.

Our Stainless Steel Jaws Wet Mop Handle mates perfectly with our Microfiber Tube Mops or conventional looped wet mops. A simple spin of the fastener opens and closes the jaw style clamp making attaching and detaching the mop heads easy so you’ll never have to touch a dirty mop again! 

Paired with any of our wet mops, our Fiberglass Jaws Wet Mop Handle will assist you in any number of tasks. From soaking up spills to cleaning and sanitizing floors, this easy to use handle is the only one you’ll ever want!

Ships unassembled, but assembly is quick, easy and intuitive. 

Handle: Fiberglass
Holder: Plastic Jaws Style
Size: 62" including clamp


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