Large Antimicrobial Synthetic Wet Mop

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Large Antimicrobial Synthetic Wet Mop
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1-2 pieces
3 - 11 pieces
$11.98 each
12+ pieces
$8.98 each
Item Number: WMASL
  • Synthetic Mops are more absorbent, faster drying and much more durable than cotton mops.
  • Antimicrobial Yarn which inhibits mold growth, prevents the mop from stinking and rotting.
  • Super Absorbent - Equivalent performance to a 24 oz. wet mop.
  • No Break-In Period as with a cotton blend mop alternatives
  • Machine Washable
  • Compatible With our Wet Mop Handles

Product Details

Our Large Antimicrobial Wet Mops are machine washable, quick drying and super absorbent. They have the added benefit of antimicrobial yarn which inhibits mold growth. These mops are designed to perform great on the floor. The continuous loop yarn is a blend of polyester, rayon and acrylic. This blend provides high tensile strength and superior absorbency and no break-in period as with a cotton blend mop. The tail bands keep the yarn spread on the floor resulting in more coverage with less effort. The wide headband makes these mops compatible with our wet mop handles.
The antimicrobial agent is built into the yarn during construction, not washed in later like most antimicrobial mops. The benefits of the antimicrobial agent is twofold; first it helps prevent the mop from stinking due to the growth of mold and bacteria, it also increases the like of the mop because it helps keep it from rotting.
Synthetic wet mops are a great alternative to the cut end cotton mops available at retail stores. Synthetic mops are more absorbent, faster drying and much more durable than cotton mops. They’re also machine washable which is a huge advantage over cut end mops. If you’ve ever tried to clean a dirty mop by soaking it and wringing it out you know how futile it is. These mops are made to be laundered. They’re the same mops that uniform companies rent out to their customers then pick up and launder before sending them back out.

Headband: 9” Polyester
Tailbands: Double
Yarn: 100% Synthetic
Size: Large – 24 ounce performance equivalent.
Color: Green


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