9" Heavy Duty Frame
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1-2 pieces
$11.98 each
3 - 11 pieces
$9.98 each
12 - 47 pieces
$7.98 each
48+ pieces
$7.48 each
Item Number: HD9

Product Details

Construction: Microfiber Wholesale’s 9” Heavy Duty Microfiber Mop Frame is an aluminum mop frame with constructed of heavy gauge aluminum in a rectangular shape. The mop frame features three rows of hook and loop Velcro ® type material that firmly grips our microfiber mops. The Velcro® type material is fastened with glue and rivets which form a durable bond that helps prevent it from separating from the aluminum. High Impact end caps wrap underneath the frame to further help prevent separation of the hook and look material from the aluminum. The frame also features high impact hardware that attaches to our Heavy Duty Telescoping Mop Handle with a twist down collet. The hardware allows the frame to swivel 360 degrees.

Size: 4”x9” (10cm x 23cm)
Material: Aluminum with High Impact Plastic
Attach: Velcro® type hook and loop
Use with: Heavy Duty Telescoping Mop Handle, Stainless Steel Threaded Handles


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Product Reviews

Reviewed by
Elizabeth Anderson bought "9" Heavy Duty Frame" on our website
05/23/2016 - 11:31:05 AM
It was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly. If I need any more cleaning tools I will definitely look here first.
Reviewed by
John Meehan bought "9" Heavy Duty Frame" on our website
10/05/2018 - 09:39:56 AM
Top quality, extremely well made at an excellent price.