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Floor Care Bundles

It's time to take the plunge and show your floors how much you really love them! Talk is cheap, and so is that junky old mop you've been using! Let your floors know you want a long-term relationship by buying a floor care system designed to last for years. Prove to your floors that all their needs matter to you by getting the pads that dust and deep scrub, not just basic daily mopping.

Show your floors that you're all in, and buy our Floor Care Bundle Today!

18" Microfiber Mop System

This mop gets the job done faster and gets the floors cleaner, all while saving energy and mopping more ergonomically.

18" Mojave Dust Mop Pads

These pads glide across the floor, easily maneuver around furniture, and reach into corners better than any vacuum ever could.

18" Microfiber Wet Mop Pads

Longer loops than other pads give this pad more capacity to lift and remove soil and effortlessly glide on floors, leaving no dirt or streaks behind.

18" Microfiber Scrubber Mop Pads

This mop head excels at cleaning grout, tile, and natural stone. The stiff scrubbing fibers reach down into the flooring to scrape up dirt.


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