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Microfiber mops are an extremely effective cleaning tool, but to get the most out of them it’s important to know how to properly use the mop. For dust mopping skip down to step 2.7Z1A0594

1. There are three basic ways to get just the right amount of liquid on your wet mop. It’s important to get a feel for how wet you want your mop, too little liquid will reduce its efficacy, too much liquid will saturate the mop and leave no space for it to pick up and hold soil. Getting the right amount of liquid in the mop is especially important for disinfecting.

a. If you’re microfiber mopping your home or other relatively small areas with just a few mops the quickest and easiest way to wet the mop is in a sink. You can plug the sink and soak the pads in cleaner or disinfectant. You can also just hold the pad under the sink and wet it with warm water. When the microfiber mop is saturated roll it up and wring it out by hand.

b. Another option is to use our Improved Microfiber Mop Bucket which will accommodate a wet pad up to 20 inches inlength. Place the amount of microfiber mop you’ll need for your mopping job in the bucket. Then pour your cleaning solution over the mops. Microfiber wicks very well so if given enough time the liquid should saturate the mops thoroughly. You can then wring out the mops on the grate inside the bucket.

c. If you have a bigger job, such as microfiber mopping hospital patient rooms, classrooms, etc., it’s best to pre-moisten several mops at a time. For this we suggest using our Microfiber Charging Buckets. You can put up to 20 of the 18 inch or 20 inch wet pads in the bucket. Disinfectant solution can then be added at a rate of 4-5 oz. per pad. With this method pads should be allowed to wick for several hours. Once the liquid has wicked through the pads they can then be used without any wringing out. Read more here or watch this video for more information on how it works.

2. Place the unrolled wet mop or dust mop on the floor you intend to clean with the blue (wet) or green (dust) side down. Then place the handle and frame on to the pad, the frame should be centered on the pad so about an inch of the pad is overlapping the frame on each side.

3. Moving the mop through the room in a systematic way, mop the entire floor surface. Use what is known as “leading edge cleaning” meaning always have the same end of the mop moving forward. In other words, as you walk backwards through the room working the mop side to side, twist the handle to turn the mop, almost in a figure eight motion, so the same edge of the mop is always in front. This will prevent dust and dirt from being left behind.

4. When finished using the mop lift it up and gently separate the mop from the frame. Be careful not to let the dirt and debris that you just mopped up fall back onto the floor. Use a damp microfiber towel to pick up any dirt and debris on the floor where you finished.

5. When it comes time to wash your soiled microfiber mops follow these microfiber washing instructions.


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