How To Clean Toilets Like A Pro

How To Clean Toilets Like A Pro | Tips From Cleaning Business Owners


How To Clean Toilets

How To Clean Toilets
Clean Toilet

How To Clean Toilets Like A Pro

You probably won't be surprised by this, but toilets are on the top of everyone's "hardest to clean" list. Whether it be because of the tough stains, harsher chemicals, or extra scrubbing, knowing how to clean toilets is extremely important.  So we've asked some professional cleaning business owners for their inputs on cleaning toilets, and what they do to impress their clients with how clean their toilets look. They'll teach you how to:

  • Clean stubborn toilet bowl stains
  • Operate with safety when cleaning your toilets
  • The most effective toilet cleaning products

Get some toilet cleaning tips and learn the best way to clean toilets. Start cleaning like a pro today!

How We Clean Toilets At Maid In JC

"Cleaning a toilet – what could be easier, right?  Wrong.  Toilets are one of the top 3 cleaning complaints any maid service owner will likely receive" - Regina DeCorte

Relocate Items Near The Toilet 

Safety always comes first, so the first step is to move all items from the top of the tank and base of the toilet to a safe area. Items can include: tissue boxes, room deodorizer sprays, and even the toilet plunger! Get them away from the toilet and to a safe area, where they won't accidentally fall or get knocked down. Then pop on a pair of safety goggles and disposable gloves to keep eyes and hands protected.

Cleaning The Inside Of The Toilet Bowl

  • Close the lid and flush once thoroughly to wet the interior of the bowl. 
  • Add an oxalic acid based cleaning solution of  your choice to remove stains and soils. For a great and reliable toilet bowl stain remover, we recommend using Bar Keepers Friend 
  • Using our client's toilet scrubber, thoroughly scrub under the rim, the bowl, and hole in the bottom. At Maid In JC, we gift our clients a toilet brush if they do not already have one, so it will be there in the client's bathroom for next time.
  • For old and stubborn stains: Use a pumice stone/scouring stick, applying gentle pressure.
  • Close the lid and flush the chemicals away.

Cleaning The Tank & Seat

  • Spray the tank and seat with a sanitizer and virucide. We use EnvirOx® H2Orange2 Concentrate because it does both, killing up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Use a Buff™ Pro Multi Surface Microfiber Towel to dry and clean-up. Begin at the tank and work your way down.
  • Don't Forget! Pay special attention to the lid, seat, hardware attachments, base, and behind the toilet.

Final Cleaning Touches

Make sure the items you relocated at the beginning are clean and then return them to their original spots. Add a nice finishing touch by creasing the toilet tissue in the wall mounted dispenser into a triangle. This will give it a hotel-style look and says "a job well done" to our clients.

Why We Do It This Way

Clients will often arrive home, go straight into the bathroom and check the base of the toilet to see whether it’s been properly cleaned. If any residual dirt is found it can set off a chain reaction of further inspection and complaints about the rest of the home cleaning. If you get the toilet cleaned correctly, you’re less likely to hear complaints about other areas of the home.

Regina DeCorte Co Owner Of Maid In JC

Regina DeCorte
Co-Owner of Maid In JC
Jersey City, NJ


  • Clients check for a clean toilet to serve as the main indicator of a job well done.
  • Make sure to gently use a pumice stone or scouring stick on old and stubborn stains.


How Clean Toilets At Annie At Your Service

First identify if the toilet has hard water, lime, or rust stains. This will determine which of the following steps to take.

For Toilets Without Hard Water, Lime, Or Rust Stains

  • Start by flushing the toilet, then lift the lid and seat. Spray Clorox Cleanup into the toilet bowl being sure to get under the rim. Let it sit while you clean the rest of the bathroom.
  • Scrubbing the inside of your bowl: We use a stiff, plastic bristled brush to scrub around the inside of the toilet bowl, paying special attention to under the rim and the bottom of the bowl into the U-bend. We recommend using OXO Good Grips Compact Hideaway Brush.
  • Clean The Toilet's Exterior: Close the seat and lid and focus on the exterior. Here, use your Clorox Cleanup following with a clean microfiber or paper towel to wipe it all down. Pay extra attention to the seat hinge. You can use a small scrub brush, like OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set, or an old tooth brush around the hinges if needed. Wipe the outside from the top of the tank to the bottom of the base. Finally spray and wipe the rim and both sides of the lid and seat with a Buff™ Pro Multi Surface Microfiber Towel.
  • Flush the toilet when finished and close the lid.

If Your Toilet Does Contain Hard Water, Lime, Or Rust Stains

  • Get a product with acid, such as Borax, to break down stains and deposits.
  • Try pouring ¼ cup of Borax into the toilet bowl followed by 1 cup of vinegar. Swish it around with your toilet brush and allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes. Finish with a final scrub.
  • If The Stains Are Really Tough: We create a Borax paste. You will need to shut off the water and drain the toilet bowl so the stains are not covered by water. Start with ½ cup of Borax and slowly add vinegar until you’ve formed a thick paste. Immediately spread the paste onto the stains completely covering them. Allow to sit 20 minutes and then scrub the paste and stains away. You may need to repeat this process more than once to get the desired result.

Why We Do It This Way

Mostly, it’s a matter of cleanliness and hygiene, but proper cleaning of your toilet on a regular basis will make it last longer, especially if hard water is an issue in your area. The use of paper towels or a dedicated color coded microfiber cloth will prevent cross contamination throughout your home.

Annie At Your Service Affordable And Reliable House Cleaning Services In Fairport NY

Ann Farron
Owner of Annie At Your Service LLC 
Fairport, NY


  • An old tooth brush works well as a scrubber to clean around the hinges of the toilet seat.
  • Using multiple colors of microfiber towels gives you the ability to color code when cleaning different areas of your home, making it much easier to avoid cross contamination.
  • For really tough stains, you will need to shut off the water and drain the toilet bowl, so the stains are not covered by water.


Recommended Microfiber Cloths For Toilet Cleaning

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