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How To Clean Mirrors Without Streaks
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How To Clean Mirrors Like A Pro

Do you have to clean your mirrors more than once to get rid of streaks? You are not alone. So we've asked some cleaning business owners how to clean mirrors streak free a better and more efficient way! You'll learn:

  • 2 techniques pro cleaners use for effectively cleaning glass surfaces.
  • Why cleaning this way gets rid of streaks! 
  • What tools to use.
  • Helpful tips you can start using today!

Below you'll find 2 different techniques used by professionals. Debra, owner of Maid By Design uses a chemical free method, while Jenny, owner of MaidPro of Smithfield uses the more traditional method. For an illustrated version check out our Professional Cleaning Guide To Streak Free Mirrors, Glass, & Windows. Learn how to clean mirrors without streaks and start cleaning like a pro today! 

How We Clean Mirrors At Maid By Design

I just want to say before I begin that I am so married to this way of cleaning mirrors, doors, and picture windows, I will never go back! At Maid By Design, we use the 2 Step Method with the Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack to clean mirrors and glass surfaces. If you want to know how to clean mirrors without windex try this! 

The Chemical Free Method

1. Use A Damp All-Purpose Microfiber Towel To Remove Streak Causing Debris Before It Dries

The first thing you need to do is soften, remove, and lift surface debris. When you do not properly remove these, they end up smearing on your mirror, which creates streaks.

Dampen an all-purpose microfiber towel with just water, make sure to wring out as much moisture as possible, because you don't want to over wet your mirror. Use it to wipe down your mirror. We use a 16" x 16" Buff™ Pro Multi Surface Microfiber Towel. It is one of the best mirror cleaners because it of its thicker microfiber (300+ GSM), meaning it is better able to pick up and hold onto surface debris. It's also the ideal size for any mirror. 

Mirror and Window Cleaning Tips: For large mirrors and windows, even car windshields, you clean a smallish (2’x 2’) area at a time because you do not want the areas to dry before you can use the glass towel, as that will leave streaks.

2. Use A Lightweight Microfiber Glass Towel To Rid Your Mirror Of Dirty Water

Immediately dry your mirror with the microfiber glass and window cleaning cloths, removing the dirty water and softened surface debris.  Don’t stop until it is completely dry. These are great window cleaning cloths because it has a tighter weave, getting more stubborn debris off your mirror for a complete drying job.

Why We Do It This Way

This is one of the best ways to clean mirrors because it is easier than using a squeegee, and it doesn’t leave streaks or dirt behind. It is way easier to teach than teaching someone to properly use a squeegee and leaves the glass sparkling! This is also a chemical free way to clean, since all you need is water. You'll be living healthier since its just water you are using, and spending less money on glass cleaning products like Windex or vinegar. 

Debra Braman Owner Of Maid By Design

Owner of Maid by Design
Tulsa, OK


  • Wring out as much moisture as possible when dampening your all-purpose microfiber towel.
  • For large mirrors, clean a smallish (2’x 2’) area at a time, because you don't want the areas to dry before you can use the glass towel.


How We Clean Mirrors At MaidPro Of Smithfield

The Traditional Method - Applying Glass Cleaner

The first step is to apply the proper amount of cleaning solution, applying to much can make the mirror much harder to dry resulting in streaks. Lightly mist the mirror with your glass cleaner - we use Proctor and Gamble's Spic n Span. With the cleaning solution on the mirror, create a very thin, even layer of product over the entire surface with your microfiber towel and wipe from top to bottom.  Something we like to do is fold our towels into quarters giving you 4 cleaning and dry surfaces.

If you are attempting to remove things such as labels or stickers, it is sometimes necessary to use a plastic scraper, along with solution, before washing the mirror.  Use with caution!

Drying With A Microfiber Towel

After wetting the entire mirror, fold the towel again so that you are using a completely dry part of the towel. Wipe your mirror from top to bottom, doing your best to completely dry the mirror as you move along. Fold your towel as needed, so you are always using a dry part of the towel. 

Get Rid Of Remaining Streaks & Residue

Check the mirror from all different angles to ensure that you have not left any streaks or residue behind (especially on the bathroom mirrors). If you spot any leftover streaks or residue, fold the same towel once again so that you are using a clean and dry section of your towel. Rub the area, in a circular motion, buffing it until spotless and sparkling clean.

Why We Do It This Way

We do it this way to completely remove all debris from mirrors, and make sure we are not missing a spot. Leaving our mirrors impeccably shiny! It's an easy way if you are looking for how to clean mirrors without streaking. 

Both the above techniques will work on bathroom, large wall mirrors, & old antique mirrors without streaking. Start cleaning like a pro today!

Jenny Ackley MaidPro Of Smithfield

Jenny Ackley
Co-owner of MaidPro Of Smithfield
Smithfield, RI


  • Fold your Microfiber Glass Towel into quarters, this gives you 4 sides for drying.
  • Use the least amount of liquids as possible.
  • Check your mirror from multiple angles to ensure you did not miss a spot.


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