How To Clean Baseboards Like A Pro



How To Clean Baseboards Professionally

How To Clean Baseboards

You would NEVER forget to clean your floors and walls.  So if having clean floors and walls is so important, shouldn't baseboards be the same? I mean they are connected to them both and are in every room of your house! So knowing how to clean baseboards properly is important for anyone who wants the freshly cleaned home look.

So whether you hate cleaning baseboards or are forgetting to clean them, we found out an easy way to do it. We asked Ann Farron, owner of the house cleaning company, Annie At Your Service, on how she easily and effectively cleans her customer's baseboards. Add these following steps to your cleaning routine and see the difference it makes!

Cleaning Baseboards At Annie At Your Service

"Even if the rest of your house is sparkling clean, dirty baseboards will make your house look dingy and shabby. It’s easy to clean baseboards and it should be a part of your whole house weekly cleaning routine." - Ann Farron

What To Do Before Cleaning Your Baseboards

Baseboards should be cleaned after you have dusted areas above them, such as a ceiling fan, because any dust and hair disturbed above them will eventually land on them. If your floor is dirty and hairy, you should vacuum before washing your baseboards since all that hair and debris will stick to your cleaning cloth and end up back on your baseboards when you’re washing them.

Dust Off Your Baseboards

Use a dry microfiber cloth to remove larger visible debris, such as dust, hair, and dead bug carcasses from your baseboards.

Deep Cleaning Your Baseboards

After you have dusted and removed the looser debris, you'll need to remove harder and more stuck on dirt and grime that has built up over time. 

  1. Use a simple solution of ¼ cup Pinesol or other all-purpose cleaner, mixed in a bucket with a gallon of water.
  2. Now simply wipe the baseboard with a damp microfiber cloth.
  3. For extra grimier baseboards, such as those in your kitchen or living rooms, you may need some extra scrubbing power. Use a small brush, such as an old toothbrush, along the edges and in the corners with your cleaning solution.
  4. Use a wet magic eraser to remove stuck on grime that doesn’t wipe off easily with your wet cloth.

If Your Baseboards Have Mold 

This issue would be most common in the bathroom, near the tub or shower. 

  1. Create a mold killing solution of the below ingredients. You can mix this in a bucket or use a spray bottle. 
    - 1/2 Cup Borax
    - 1/2 Cup Plain White Vinegar
    - 2 Cups Warm Water 
  2. Apply it over the affected area with a microfiber cloth or saturate by spraying from the spray bottle.
  3. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  4. Scrub the baseboard with your magic eraser using the brush to get the mold out of the crevices and corners.
  5. Repeat the process if necessary.

After application, the mold spores have been killed and the Borax will retard any spores growth on the surface.

Now that they’re clean, you can keep them looking that way by adding a few simple steps to your regular maintenance cleaning. Every time you clean your home, you should dust the baseboards with a Microfiber Cloth or Swiffer Duster. Use a wet microfiber cloth for any debris that does not come off with the Swiffer. Knowing how to clean baseboards takes only a few minutes and keeps them looking like new.

Why We Do It This Way

Nobody wants to spend more time cleaning than they have to. Top down cleaning is more efficient because the dust falls down when it’s disturbed. If you clean a table and then dust the light above it, the table will need to be cleaned again because the dust from the light above will fall on it. Once your baseboards are clean, it’s much easier and faster to keep them that way by adding them to your regular cleaning routine.

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  • Remember to clean high to low, to ensure you don't have to clean the same area twice.


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