Best Way To Clean Stove Tops In 3 Steps! [Infographic]

3 Steps To Clean Stove Tops Like A Pro

We had cleaning professionals show us the best way to clean stove tops. See how they do it! 

Whether you have a ceramic, glass, gas, or electric stove top, there are 3 general steps to getting the job done effectively & efficiently. Follow the steps below & see what cleaning professionals do to remove nasty burnt on food and grease from stove tops. They’ll show you what products they find to be the best stove top cleaners, and even show you how to add a nice shiny polish! For the full interview on the best way to clean stove tops, see here Clean Like a Pro – Stove Tops.

3 Steps To Clean Glass Or Ceramic Stove Tops

best way to clean stove top 3 step guide

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