Microfiber Wholesale’s 2015 Dusting Tips and Guidelines

One of the most time consuming tasks around the home or office is keeping it dust free. While dust-free might be an unrealistic expectation, Melissa Maker from cleanmyspace.com has created a video that we think can help you move one more step in that direction.

Corners, Moldings and Door Frames

To clean the corners, door frames and moldings, the “lazy” way is to attach a microfiber cloth to a mop handle and kiss those cobwebs good-bye. A high duster is good for this as well and if you’re already cleaning up high you can kill two birds with one duster.

Microfiber Wet Mop PadWalls

Dusting your walls may seem crazy but according to TidyMom.net, walls can hold a lot of dust if they’re not cleaned regularly. Melissa recommends attaching a microfiber cloth to a flat mop head and working in a ‘W’ pattern. Cleaning horizontal surfaces can be awkward but a small mop pad, like our wall wash mop pads, can make it easier.

Bathroom VentsAir Ventilation Duct

Most people forget about these little dust magnets. This one is an easy fix with just a vacuum with a brush attachment.

BaseboardsCleaning a Baseboard With Microfiber

So unless you want to  than grabbing a cloth like this guy and getting on hands and knees to wipe down the baseboards, you should refer to the tip for corners, moldings and door frames. Having your cloth attached to something that reaches the cleaning areas without stooping, bending or kneeling will make this job easier. See here for the full guide on how to clean baseboards.

Delicate Items Cleaned By Microfiber ClothsDelicate Items

Cut down on time spent dusting your shelves when you utilize the next tip. When you have delicate antiques or figurines on your shelves, use a small paintbrush. Lightly dampen the bristles and get detailed dusting without missing inserts and details. Microfiber Wholesale’s Mini Duster is also good for delicates.

Dust in the Right DirectionSnow Dusting Storm

When you dust, remember our friend Gravity and avoid a snow errr…dust storm. If you start from the bottom and work your way up, you’ll need to re-dust the bottom since the dust disturbed while dusting at the top will fall. If you start at the top, the blizzard will be settled by the time you get to the bottom, leaving you more likely to stay dust-free longer.

Use Microfiber ClothsStacked Microfiber Towels

Melissa’s next tip is one we can completely get on board with. She recommends only using microfiber cloths to dust. She points out that since microfiber cloths are positively charged, which attracts the negatively charged dust particles. That is something your old t-shirt can’t claim.

Cleaning Your DuctsClean Your Ducts

Cleaning your ducts may not seem like it would affect the dustiness of your house but it has more influence than you think. If there’s years of built up dust in your ventilation system, each time your furnace or AC kicks on, that dust is blown into the air. That old dust settles on your furniture, making a mess. It is recommended that you get your ducts cleaned every 5 years.

Ceiling Fans and Light FixturesCeiling Fan Cleaning With Microfier

Melissa recommends using a bendable duster to reach the high places that gather dust. We recommend our Chenille Microfiber High Duster. Microfiber grabs the dust and holds on to it better than any other fabric and the extra reach our high duster makes those hard to reach areas easier to clean.


Vacuuming Under Areas You Can’t See

The final tip might be the most creative. Tight or unseen places like under the bed or couch are magnets for loose change and other small items that can do major damage to your vacuum. This might cause you anxiety when you’re ready to clean with an attachment. Avoid sucking up anything but dust and dirt by placing pantyhose over the end of the attachment. This will filter out anything big enough to do damage.

What do you think of CleanMySpace.com’s list? Do you agree? What are some of your best dusting tips?







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