Cleaning Windows and Mirrors


Cleaning Glass is easier than ever

This is not our first blog post on this subject, but I swear, our method for getting streak free windows and mirrors is so good that I just have to keep telling people about it. We sell a set of 6 glass towels and two all purpose towels on our website and on Amazon. I was just reading some of the reviews from the last few days on Amazon and they’re pretty freaking awesome, I must say.

I love this one because the reviewer’s “eh” reaction to the glass cloths was the same as mine when I first got them over a decade ago. They’re not very impressive to look at but holy cow do they ever work well!


This reviewer describes the glass cleaning dilemma, and the solution, perfectly!


If you’ve read this far you might as well watch a quick video that shows what the method is… and then you might as well buy the best glass cleaning method ever (I mean, why not reward yourself for reading this far, right?).


Our Glass Cleaning system overview

Let Everyone Know How They Can Clean Like A Pro!

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