An AWFUL Gift Idea

This time of year you’re probably inundated with great gift ideas, but how often are you emailed with an admittedly bad gift idea?

Probably never… until now.

I’m writing this to tell you to not buy our products to give as Christmas gifts. Even though we primarily sell to businesses, we want to get a piece of the consumer spending frenzy that’s about to take place as much as the next guy. However, we can’t think of one legitimate reason to tell people to buy microfiber cleaning products as gifts.

We imagined a few different scenarios and put our horrible photoshop skills to work:

Husband buying for a wife?
Angry Wife with Mop



Buying for a friend?

Mad Friend with Duster

Nah, not a good idea either. No matter how good the cleaning product is, they’re always going to think you’re commenting on the cleanliness of their abode.

So, when you’re ready to start buying clean supplies again, please remember us, the company that saved Christmas!

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