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18" Chenille Mucho Mop Pad - 2 Pack

$14.98 / each
On all domestic orders. No minimum required.

Make Your Mop Do MORE With the Mucho Mop Pad!

Turn your flat mop into a multitasking, floor-to-ceiling, deep-cleaning machine.


*This 18 inch Mucho Mop Pad comes in a 2-pack. Frame and handle sold separately or you can purchase the full 18 inch Mucho Mop kit. 

The Mucho Mop pad solves every challenge your microfiber flat mop ever had.

  • Flat mops are the gold standard for professional cleaning, but their Achilles heel is uneven floors!

  • Traditional flat mops only clean the top surface, leaving grout and crevices dirty.

  • Flat mops catch on raised edges, making navigating textured floors nearly impossible.


The chenille fingers of the Mucho Mop change everything, digging deep into crevices and gliding over uneven surfaces, so there’s no floor you can’t tackle!

The Mucho Mop’s chenille fingers are so versatile that you can make your mop a duster, cleaning baseboards, air vents, and crown moldings, tackling dirt from top to bottom!

MORE Performance in MORE Places with the Mucho Mop!



  • The Mucho Mop’s chenille fingers reach deeper to get the dirt out of uneven floors.

  • Tile lippage, low grout, rough slate stone, and even spa pebble floors can’t escape the chenille fingers of the Mucho Mop!

  • The chenille fingers glide over uneven floors but also create friction to scrub off the dog slobber, dried food, and stuck-on hairs flat mops miss.


The Mucho Mop can dry dust or wet clean air vent covers, baseboards, and crown moldings, turning your mop into a true multitasker
(frame sold separately).

The Mucho Mop Saves You Time & Money!


  • The Mucho Mop cleans virtually every type of floor, smooth to uneven, so you don’t have to waste time and money switching to different mops for different floors.

  • Our premium quality microfiber holds more dirt and water, so you can clean with fewer strokes and mop longer between pad rinses, helping you clean faster.

  • Mucho Mops' absorbency and durability mean you can use fewer mop pads per property, saving you money on laundry labor, water, and electricity.

  • Mucho Mops last longer than any other mop on the market, over 300+ washes, so you can spend less money on replacement pads.


How Much Mucho is Enough for You?


Why You Should Invest In the Best


  • Microfiber Wholesale is a 3rd generation, family-owned, American company that sells the highest quality microfiber.

  • Our passion is providing high-touch customer service and innovative cleaning solutions to cleaning professionals and home cleaning enthusiasts alike. Big or small, we genuinely care about you all.

  • We only use the highest grade microfiber, woven extra plush, so you pick up more dirt and leave fewer streaks with every stroke, helping you clean faster!

  • All of our mop pads, towels, and dusters are sewn with expert workmanship and extra tight stitchwork to maximize their wear-life.


Microfiber Wholesale’s products are designed to stand up to professional use and can be laundered up to 300+ washes!

Get Enrolled for FREE in Our Cleaning Education Series

  • Microfiber Wholesale has invested in hiring a full-time professional cleaning expert, Melissa Homer.

  • Melissa has over 20+ years of experience in product testing, cleaning business coaching, cleaning training program writing, and more!

  • We provide access to her incredible, industry-specific, educational content FREE for Microfiber Wholesale customers.  

  • Melissa is accessible in a variety of ways for Microfiber Wholesale Customers to get their questions answered quickly.  

    •, a direct line of communication where you can ask me directly your most troubling cleaning concerns

    • Hosting Go Live events on Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook, making it easy for you to hop on and ask your questions live as well as learn from other’s questions

If you prefer to learn from other cleaning industry experts besides just Melissa, we’re running a recurring video series “Cleaning Up the Profits: Dishing the Dirt on What It Takes to Succeed in the Cleaning Industry” where she interviews successful cleaning business owners from across North America and shares their hard-earned wisdom with the world.



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